New Google Baby Monitor Will Use AI To Alert Parents Before Baby Wakes Up

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Tech giant Google is currently working on an artificially intelligent baby monitor that warns parents five to 10 minutes before their baby starts crying or even choking.

The device will use video streaming technology, audio recording and AI to determine when a baby is going to wake up or if it is in any kind of distress. Google filed a patent for this device last year but it was only made public this week. The monitor is also being designed to warn parents if their baby is climbing out of the crib or is actually in distress but not crying, according to Huffpost.

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AI is used to establish what constitutes normal movements and baby sounds and what doesn't. Google also describes an "eye state analysis" feature in its patent, which looks at the baby's pupils, irises and whites of its eyes to check if it is awake.

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The monitor can also sense whether a baby is in a position from which it will likely "wake up imminently". This can be suggested by a baby moving after having been still for a long time. The device can then give parents a warning to a smartphone and tablet about when their baby will wake up or what position it is currently in, including standing, crawling and climbing.

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Alerts will also be sent if the baby leaves the view of the camera. Perhaps the most important feature is the devices proposed ability to tell if a baby is in discomfort but not making noise, which conventional baby monitors lack.

The patent states: "If the baby is continually tossing and turning, the baby may be in some form of discomfort, such as being too hot or too cold. The greater amount of movement exhibited by the baby, the greater distress the baby may be assumed to be in."

For instance, if the baby is tossing and turning a lot in in his sleep, is awake and moving around when he is expected to be asleep, or worse, is choking, tangled in bedding, or otherwise is in a dangerous position, the baby is in distress but may not necessarily be crying. This is where such a monitor can be of great help.

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