Gordon Ramsey Sparks Debate Over Baby Wearing Photo

Gordon Ramsey shared a picture of him baby wearing his son and all of the internet trolls dad-shamed him for the way he was wearing the baby.

Almost every single picture that any celebrity posts on their social media will spark some controversy. Every celebrity has been shamed for every picture they post no matter what the type of picture they post. Famous Chef, Gordon Ramsey, posted a rare photo on his Instagram. We rarely see cute pictures of him and his sweet little boy Oscar and we were excited to see the post. He shared that he was just taking his son out for a walk in the park as he wore the sweet infant in a baby carrier on his chest.

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He should have known that by sharing a picture of his child that it would cause a lot of dad-shaming to be thrown his way. Many people were very nice and congratulated him for taking his baby out on a walk and a lot of people shared how cute the photo was. However, there are always those sancti-parents who have to give their opinion about everything. A lot of people started sharing their opinions about the way that Ramsey was carrying his child. They were scolding him for the way that the baby was being carried facing forward. There was one follower who instructed him how the baby "should be held" and informed him that the way he was holding the baby was not "ergonomic."

One follower even shared with Ramsey that he needs to look up the "safe" way to hold a baby in the carrier. He then linked a website that explained how Ramsey should really be holding his son. Thankfully, a lot of Ramsey's followers came to his rescue and defended the professional Chef. They basically told the parents to mind their own business because Ramsey was definitely being a good father and he was just trying to spend some quality time with his new baby.

It seems like no matter what picture gets posted somebody always has a problem with it and has to share their opinion! Why can't people just say, "that is a cute picture!" We don't understand why people have to shame moms and dads no matter what they share on social media. We need to just start supporting our fellow parents. People need to stop being so judgy and giving their opinions about every little thing. Everybody is doing their best to raise good people.

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