10 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Cakes

When babies are about to enter the world, it's a common tradition to have a baby shower. Friends and family members gather around in order to shower the expecting parents with love and gifts!

While baby showers come in all shapes and sizes, they almost always come with cake, which is a sweet aspect of it all. A sweet baby should always be welcomed with sweet treats.

However, not every parent wants to know the sex of their soon-to-be baby, or they may not want to focus on the child's sex. If there are any couples who are not finding out the gender of their baby, or if there are those who don’t want a pink cake for a girl or a blue bake for a boy, they can turn to these 10 gorgeous gender-neutral baby shower cakes!

10. One That Focuses On Animals

This cake comes in the neutral colors of yellow, gray and white. And though the colors are objective, it's not boring or bland at all! Some branches and flowers line the bottom layer, a bow is wrapped around the next tier, polka dots make an appearance, and cute little animals sit atop of it all. If a parent wants an animal-themed shower or a cake that is neutral yet vibrant, this may be the way to go. Plus, the multiple layers give room for several different designs. (They even give room for some extra slices of cake, too!)

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9. Pastel Paradise

Pastels can be a great route when it comes to a cake that is celebrating a baby, but the colors do not have to be soft pink or light blue. This cake design is great for either gender; it stands out and makes a statement — almost being too pretty to eat. Well, almost! A shower with this geometric cake would not even need decorations since it is a work of art itself. And even without the shapes on it, the pastel base is beautiful as is. It could incorporate several different light colors or just one.

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8. One That Honors A Favorite Song

Are there parents out there who are already singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to their bump? Are there those who have decorated nurseries with moons and stars? Are their expecting parents who are really into music or who, perhaps, even teach music to their own students? If so, then this cake could work for those like-minded parents. “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” is a classic in the parenting world and for children, and this cake honors that tune well with fluffy clouds, shining stars, and a pretty moon. All of these cute details on an edible cake would totally make any baby shower elevate to the next level. 

7. All About Baby

It may seem obvious, but in case anyone out there is still searching for a theme for an upcoming shower, why not go with the classic “baby” theme? Necessary products like diapers and rattles can be used as decorations, and then mommy can take them home afterward. Any color can be used, regardless of gender. Fitting with the theme, the cake can be all about baby, too. It could be a sheet cake with one baby-themed image drawn on it, or it can be a 3D version that shows off everything this future kid will want and need. How cute and how yummy!

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6. One That Keeps It Classy

We have already seen some really neat cakes, but some parents may not want bright, vibrant, colorful showers. For those who like things a bit more dramatic or want to keep it classy over playful, there is this cake. The neutral colors of black, white, and gold are used with subtle details, making it both simple and tasteful. Also, the cake simply reads “Welcome Baby,” which, once again, could work for a baby boy or baby girl. This cake truly looks like it was made for a little king or queen, which any parent would love. There's a sense of elegance that comes along with this cake, making it delicious visually and when tasted!

5. Keep It Fun

On the other hand, if a shower is going to be playful, go all out with a cake like this one. There is a blue base with orange and lime-green polka dots. There are little block letters at the bottom that says “BABY.” And—best of all—there is an adorable blue elephant on top!

This cake is modern and cheerful, with just the right amount of kid-like quirkiness. It could work for a shower that is centered around circuses, gender nonconforming parents, or it could work well as a stand-alone piece since it makes quite the statement.

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4. Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Besides songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” children also enjoy hearing stories from their parents before they can read. Following with the bedtime tradition of fairytale readings, this cake showcases some of the best ones out there. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, and The Three Little Pigs are all incorporated into this cake. Then again, you could make the cake feature any of your favorite childhood stories — not just these three. Not only do these tasty books have their titles written out in icing, but there are also little figures on this cake to match. It doesn't matter if you're an adult or child, anyone would want to bite into that moon! This cake would work for any shower — especially one for a parent who loves reading or writes books themselves.

3. Covered In Sprinkles

A baby shower is essentially just a big party, and this cake screams party! It is covered in sprinkles, which is festive enough, but it also has little balloons on top of it. Better yet, look at the colorful candy inside of it; imagine biting into this thing! I also love the backdrop presented here, and can just imagine a bright and colorful shower matching the zany energy coming from this cake. I can already see the fun pictures focusing around this backdrop and cake! Geometric art, colorful tablecloths, confetti, balloons everywhere, sprinkle-themed plates, and cupcakes... What a cool time this would be for guests!

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2. Simply Rustic

Naked cakes are trending right now, and while some of us think the more icing, the better, we do think these are lovely. A thin layer is spread onto a cake, leaving some of the cake actually exposed. This creates an artistic effect that is quite nice, and it all still tastes great! For this one, greenery was then added, as well as a cake topper that we need to discuss; it is a banner that spells out who is being celebrated and why, making it perfect for a rustic shower or a garden party for either gender!

1. Neutral Colors For A Neutral Party

Last but not least, we wanted to give one more neutral option. It's actually quite similar to the first cake on this list, since it is white, gray, and yellow with polka dots and bows. But this one is even simpler. There is only one layer with no animals on top. And the bow is not even needed — especially if a parent finds that too feminine! The one round tier, the few circles, and the muted colors are yummy, pretty, and are perfect for a gender-neutral shower.

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