You Gotta Grab This Baby Gear

If you've ever prepared for a baby to join your family, you know exactly how overwhelming the task can be! Most baby stores will encourage you to build a registry the Kardashians would envy - and yes, there's a good use for much of that list. Some gear, however, is the cream of the crop. I've put together a few of my personal favorite baby gear items to share with you. What's that one item you tell every new mom about? Share with me @pi3sugarp3 on Twitter. 

This thing is a game-changer. Rory is a stage five clinger, and when I need to have my arms free, this is basically the only way to comfort her. When I was pregnant with Shep and asked for must-have gear suggestions from the experienced moms I knew, the Rock and Play was a clear favorite. The Rock and Play is easy to travel with because it folds flat. It's also built for easy cleaning - the seat detaches easily so you can address any messes. Fisher Price even made a high tech version that you can control from your smartphone. Whatever you do, make sure it's the version that rocks on its own for eight hours. Yes, you've just bought yourself eight straight hours of peace and quiet. You're welcome.

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