Indiana Grandfather Accused Of Wrongdoing In Freak Accident That Killed His Infant Granddaughter

Salvatore Anello was charged with negligent homicide after an unfortunate incident on a cruise ship led to his granddaughter’s death. The family and their lawyers don’t blame him for the accident even though they have lost their beloved daughter. Anello will forever relive the moment in his head and the sad circumstances of his loss.

In July, Anello was under investigation for the death of his 18-month-old granddaughter. The pair was having a great time in the children’s play area of the Royal Caribbean ship, and it all ended in a flash. He was holding the little girl against the railing next to a window he believed was closed. At her brother’s hockey game, Chloe loved to bang on the glass, so they were imitating it. However, the one window they chose was the one that wasn’t open. She somehow slipped from his grasp, and she fell through an open window and landed 10 stories below.

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In disbelief, Anello began to scream. He kept yelling over and over again that he thought there was glass, so he was extremely shocked that his little girl fell through. Because of this, prosecutors charged him with negligent homicide because he foolishly exposed her to a dangerous situation. Many people believed that this just made the situation worse, as the whole family was grieving the death of a sweet girl.

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While they are fighting the case, Anello believes there’s no punishment that could make him feel worse that he already does. The freak accident cost him his beloved granddaughter whom he was very fond of. He can never get her back, and that’s the worst part.

Their family lawyer, Michael Winkleman, stated that the family does not hold Anello accountable for what happened. Other than his guilt and the intensity of his grief, the closed-circuit security footage of the cruise ship proves his story. The little girl really just fell over, and it was difficult to tell whether or not the windows were open from where Anello was standing. While they were able to protect Anello, the family still wishes they could’ve protected their little Chloe too.

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