This Grandmother Thought She Was Going Through Menopause But She Turned Out To Be Pregnant

A woman thought she was going into menopause, but she was actually 26 weeks pregnant with baby boy!

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Michele Hall thought she was going into menopause. Her cycle had stopped and it was a very easy conclusion to make since she was 50 years old. The doctors already told her that being pregnant was very slim and that she was in fact going into menopause. Michele has four children. Her first child, Aaron, she had at 15 years old. Aaron is now 34 years old. Michele also has Heather, 28, and Brandon, 24. Michele and her current husband, Jerry, share a 14 year old daughter named Aubrey. Michele even has two grandchildren from her oldest daughter. Michele and Jerry were going to travel when their youngest daughter left the house.

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Michele decided to take a pregnancy test after many months of missing her period. She figured she wasn't pregnant and the doctors had already told her that she was in menopause. She just wanted to make sure. The test quickly confirmed that she was not in menopause, she was pregnant! She was in complete shock. She showed her husband and they were both stunned.

Naples Daily News

Michele went into the doctors and they confirmed her pregnancy. She was already 26 weeks along and they would be having a little baby boy. She had no idea she was pregnant. She didn't have any signs that she could be pregnant and she never even felt her baby  move. She said she always called "BS" to those people who didn't know they were pregnant, but she realized that she understand how it happens now! Michele was very worried about her son not being healthy. She had a lot of health issues and she also was a little bit older. Michele felt really alone when she became pregnant at such an "old" age. She took to social media and she found a group of women who were all pregnant at older ages. She finally found her "tribe" and she started realizing that she really could do this and she was going to be a great mom to her son no matter the age.

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Her son was born on December 27, 2018. They named their beautiful baby boy Grayson. He weighed 6lbs and was 19 inches long. Grayson started showing signs of baby sleep apnea and had a slower heart rate, so they kept him in the hospital for about 12 days for surveillance. He was finally able to go home! He is doing great and his whole family is completely in love!

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