Mother Of Cheerleader Cleared Of Murder Shares Anger Over Never Having The "Benefits" Of Being A Grandmother

Trigger Warning: Infant death, violence.

The news about the high school cheerleader who buried her newborn baby's body in her backyard has gotten a lot of recent attention in the media.

Brooke Skylar Richardson gave birth to a baby girl in 2017, who was reportedly stillborn, before burying the baby in her backyard garden. Family and friends had no idea Richardson was even pregnant, nor did the baby's father, Trey Johnson.

Richardson was charged with aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter, gross abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and child endangerment when it was suggested she bashed the baby's skull in. Standing in front of the court, Richardson pleaded 'not guilty'.

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A few weeks ago, Richardson walked out of court free on the condition she was placed on three years probation. If she violates her probation, she could face up to a year behind bars. She was charged with gross abuse of a corpse, however, given how she handled the situation.

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Now, Richardson's parents in addition to the baby's paternal grandparents are speaking out about the incident by expressing their displeasure. On Richardson's side, her mother spoke about the negative attention all of this has brought to their family and that "Facebook, to [her], turned into 'Hatebook'." Richardson's mother claims the family has been harassed and stalked for quite some time regarding the situation.

Throughout the entire battle, Richardson's parents have defended her actions, saying she would never hurt anyone. Her mother is still in disbelief over the entire thing and questions how she never knew about the pregnancy. "I don't know when it hit me but I was a grandmother and I never had any of the benefits of it," she says. Richardson made an emotional apology to everyone, including Johnson, in court.

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On the flip side, the baby's paternal grandparents are just overcome with grief even after two years since baby Annabelle was born. Johnson's mother hints at the fact that he has been struggling to deal with this situation but confirmed for herself that she has been experiencing depression and panic attacks over the whole ordeal.

Johnson's mother goes on to explain that she would have cared for the baby if given the chance, implying that she does not believe Annabelle was born still. "I would have taken her in with Trey without a question. Now, instead, every May 7, I don't get to have a birthday party for my first grandchild." She continues by saying that "Instead, I send her balloons to heaven, to tell her how much her daddy loved her, and how much I loved her."

An interview with Richardson and her parents is set to be aired on CBS Saturday.

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