9 Groceries To Pick Up Last-Minute Before Baby Comes

The third trimester is notorious for good reason: sleepless nights, big baby bellies, and Braxton Hicks for days on end! In the final weeks before delivery, many moms feel an urge to get their house in order. Nesting is a sign that mom is preparing to welcome her baby into the world. She's just trying to make that world as safe and beautiful as she can! For me, nesting meant many many many trips to Target to prepare for the baby. I bought storage units, cleaning products, diapers, snacks, and so many cases of LaCroix! While you might not need that many cans of sparkling water, you will definitely need to stock up on supplies before your baby comes home. Take this list with you on your last Target run and don't forget these baby (and mama) essentials!

Adult Diapers

Nobody wants to bleed all over themselves. Via Cleveland Clinic

I don't have a delicate way to put this. After delivery, moms start to shed everything that was left behind in their uterus. On average, moms bleed for about six weeks after giving birth - this discharge is called lochia. Yes, pads work just as well to absorb everything. Adult diapers are more absorbent, less prone to leaks, and easier to wear than pads. Trust me - just pick up a few adult diapers in your size and thank me later.

Luxury Toilet Paper

Get the good stuff, mama. Via The Independent

After you push out a baby, your nether regions tend to be a bit sensitive. That's putting it mildly, I guess. Postpartum recovery is no joke! Some moms have stitches or swelling that makes it painful to wipe yourself clean after using the restroom. The best solution is to use a peri bottle - the hospital will likely send you home with one to help clean yourself off after you use the restroom. From personal experience, scratchy toilet paper just doesn't cut it on super-sensitive nether regions. Splurge on a four-pack of the really cushy stuff and hide it from everyone else!

Coffee And Filters

As a parent, it is literally impossible to have too much coffee in the house. Yes, the early days of infancy are quite restless. The baby sleeps for hours on end but never when its parents need rest, too! Embrace the sleep deprivation of early parenthood by diving into a vat of coffee - and make sure you stock up on filters, too! Don't wait until you run out of coffee. You might not survive.

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Frozen Meals

I'll be brutally honest with you: a new baby throws every routine you have into complete chaos. It can be weeks before you're back in your "groove" and able to keep up with your household chores like you typically would. Even simple cooking can be overwhelming! Do yourself a favor and stock up on some frozen foods. When you're exhausted and can't imagine cooking an entire meal, just heat one up and enjoy! Make postpartum recovery easier on yourself, mama.

Snacks And Bottled Water

Postpartum snacks are a MUST. Via Doula Du Nord

If you plan on breastfeeding, you're going to need to stay hydrated. Oh, and you're going to feel a kind of ravenous hunger that is nearly impossible to satiate! Keep your pantry stocked with snacks and water so it's easier to refuel on the fly. If you have the means, consider picking up a set of snacks for the labor and delivery crew, too!

Ice Packs

Cold packs can soothe the undercarriage. Via Etsy

These don't have to be fancy, but I recommend picking up some ice-packs in the first aid section. Use them to soothe sore nipples during early breastfeeding. Or, if you're brave, sit on one to treat perineal pain or itchy stitches! You'll get lots of use out of these well after recovery. Ice packs are a lot more convenient than filling a condom with water and freezing it - although that DIY postpartum recovery hack is a good alternative!

A Nursing Bra

Even if you have ten at home, pick up a sleep bra built for nursing. At the very least, you can wear one during labor and toss it afterward if it's covered in "stuff". I'm telling you to pick up another nursing bra because you don't want to spend your time doing laundry. If you have a spare moment, SLEEP! You've got extra nursing bras to get you through until your partner catches up on the laundry.

Laundry And Dish Detergent

Ana forgot to get dishwasher detergent! Via Instagram, Ana Faris

No one wants to make a Target run when they're wearing Depends and their nipples are bleeding. Don't let that happen to you - stock up on dish and laundry detergent before you give birth! If you can make it a whole month without needing to pick up household essentials, you're doing good.

That last-minute errand run is a real life-saver! Picking up a few of these essentials will make postpartum recovery easier, faster, and less irritating. Give yourself the grace of a few weeks without needing to get groceries and soak up that fresh newborn love!

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