All The Ways To Avoid The Grocery Store With Your Children

Ever since having kids, even the smallest task takes (at least) three times as long. For example, just writing this sentence took six minutes. My son wouldn't stop climbing on my shoulders while I tried to type. I can't take that kind of silly monkey behavior in public! More and more I find myself looking for ways to avoid taking my kids to the store with me. With it being cold and flu season, I see the store as a cesspool of sickness. When I do muster up the courage to take my kids into Target with me, the older one will definitely turn into the kid throwing a tantrum on the floor. So when I discovered that I could pay someone to bring my groceries to me I tried it immediately - and I loved it. Once you've ordered your groceries to be delivered as a parent, you'll never want to go back to regular shopping with the kids.

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Prime Now/Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh delivery will keep your ice cream frozen on your front step. Via Entertaining Grace

These are two separate services, although both deliver groceries. Prime Now offers delivery within a few hours - sometimes as little as one! It's an impressive lifesaver I've used myself a few times. Once I ordered a manual breast pump through Prime Now and had it delivered to my office (I'd forgotten my usual pump at home). One catch: all groceries need to come from the same store.

Amazon Fresh is far more dedicated to full-scale grocery delivery. While it may take more than a few hours to arrive, your Amazon Fresh deliveries can be made same-day (or next-day). Fresh deliveries don't have to be attended, which is awesome when you have little ones and a busy schedule! The delivery person will leave the groceries, refrigerated by dry ice, at your door. Neither service is available everywhere, although most major markets are covered.


Peapod delivers to your home so you don't need to go to the store. Via Grocery Dive

I'm pretty sure that PeaPod was the original grocery delivery service. While I didn't have much need for it when the service launched, motherhood has made the convenience charge worthwhile. Instacart has risen in popularity as it focused on speedy delivery. Neither service is available in every market, but they both carry pretty much anything you can need to survive a day of parenting. They'll bring anything from diapers to formula, teething biscuits to bottled water.

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Shipt shoppers will help you unpack your groceries if you ask! Via Recode

Shipt is a relatively new service launched in 2015. In just a few short years, Shipt was acquired by Target to provide Target-specific delivery service. Target runs its own grocery pick-up option as well. Because it still runs as its own company, Shipt also delivers other local options. For example, Shipt delivers from Target and from Hy-Vee in my city! What's great about this service is the customer service component.

Here's how it works: As you place your order, you specify if you'd like your shopper to use their best judgment in choosing alternatives, or just leave things off the order if they can't find them. Next, your order is received by a Shipt shopper. They head to the store and text you that they're beginning your order, then communicate with you as you've directed. When they're done, they carry your order inside your home. This is the best version of sending your partner to the store with the grocery list for your meal plan, in my opinion. Bonus: the Shipt shopper won't come home with four bags of chips and way too much cheese!

Yes, each of these services comes at a cost. Just ask yourself: do you enjoy taking your kids into the store and having them freak when you don't buy them that toy they want? How much would you pay someone else to do that for you? EXACTLY. Just get your groceries delivered and save yourself the time. Bonus: it's so much faster than shopping in person and you can even stock up your pantry in your jammies. Although, I guess you could do that at WalMart anyway!

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