15Hip Hip Hooray!

She looks, well, normal! She looks young and pretty, and like the girl next door. Now, she is still beautiful, of course, but, it is different because she is a supermodel.

Both Kendall and her sister, Kylie, were actually cheerleaders in high school! Seeing pictures of Kendall back in high school- which, let’s face it, was not that long ago- you see a glimpse of a regular gal. The photographers show us a typical teenage cheerleader, having fun on the field

as she roots for her favorite team to win.

Kendall has been on Keeping Up With The Kardashians since she was a young child. She is used having cameras be in her face. What she wasn’t used to in high school was having bad skin!

According to Daily Mail UK, Kendall has previously revealed how nervous she was to start high school and be a cheerleader because she suddenly got acne. Does this all not make you like her more, or what? Here she was, likely the queen of the high school, but she was so nervous about her skin she didn’t want to cheer, she just wanted to cover her face so no one could look at her!

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