Growing Up With Blake Lively: 20 Things She Makes Her Kids Do

Blake Lively is definitely a rare breed in Hollywood. She's not only a total sweetheart but she's got long golden hair and never seems to step outside in anything but a super fashionable outfit. She honestly seems like a very down-to-earth and chill person who we could sit on a front porch with and enjoy some homemade cookies and a cup of tea.

We loved Blake when she played rich girl Serena on Gossip Girl, we related to her sweet character in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, and we've enjoyed watching her blossom into a movie actress as well. Now that Blake is a mom, we want to know how she raises her children. She and her handsome husband Ryan Reynolds have two daughters: four-year-old James and two-year-old Inez. These girls not only have the coolest names around but they have some really cool (and funny) parents, too.

We can assume that life in the Lively/Reynolds household is pretty amazing, and we want to know the details of how Blake acts as a mom. She has some clever wisdom about what she has learned so far... and she has some truly hilarious stories about her daughter James, too. Read on to find out what it's like to grow up with Blake Lively and 20 things that she makes her kids do.

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20 She And Hubby Ryan Want Their Children To Experience The Same Regular Childhood As Them

OK! Magazine

Blake Lively and her handsome hubby Ryan Reynolds may be living the high life these days, but wasn't the case when they were growing up. Unlike some stars who literally grew up in the spotlight and couldn't go anywhere even at a young age, Ryan and Blake had regular childhoods. And it turns out that they want to provide the same thing for their kids.

C. Sheet quoted Blake as saying to Marie Claire magazine in 2016, “Ryan [Reynolds] had a nice, normal upbringing, and we want our kids to have the same normal life that we had. We don’t ever want to rob them of what we had because then we’d feel really selfish.”

19 She Is Totally Cool With Breastfeeding In A Public Place

Harper's Bazaar

According to Cafe Mom, Blake is totally cool with breastfeeding in public places and has been known to do that.

This is so awesome to hear. Unfortunately, there is often a stigma against breastfeeding which makes moms feel like they can only do this at home (or in a public restroom where there is a designated area because then no one could complain, right?). Many moms can probably agree that it would be great if everyone embraced public breastfeeding. This is natural and people need to get used to it because it shouldn't make anyone uncomfortable.

If it's good enough for an awesome celebrity mama like Blake Lively...

18 She's Careful That Her Kids Don't Get Photographed All The Time

E! News

According to Kidspot.com.au, Blake Lively is careful that her daughters aren't photographed all the time.

If we do some online research, we'll see that there are only a few professional photos of Blake and her family. The rest of the pictures are candid shots where it's possible that the actress and her clan weren't aware that cameras were flashing.

It's honestly amazing to hear that Blake Lively is trying her best to keep her kids away from paparazzi and that she doesn't want tons of snapshots of them. Sure, we might not be staring into cameras when we leave our house to go to the park, but moms know that you always try to protect your kids and their privacy.

17 She Knows That Her Daughters Aren't The Exact Same People

Daily Mail

People magazine quoted something interesting that Blake said when she appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2017: “What’s crazy is my 2½-year-old, she wakes up at night — she’s the baby, basically. My little one, she’s just so divine. She came out of the womb a little foodie.”

We can see that Blake knows that her daughters aren't the exact same people. And more than that, she's happy about that and thinks that it's fascinating.

It may seem like we can't help but compare our kids because we expect them to share some of the same personality traits, so it's interesting to recognize that they're their own people.

16 She Teachers Her Daughters That Red Carpet Beauty And Fashion Isn't The Truth


It's hard enough for moms to deal with the pressures of society and feeling like we have to look at social media selfie-ready every time we leave the house. Even just dropping or picking our kids up from school can feel like a fashion and beauty show sometimes.

As Blake told Parents.com, she makes sure that her daughters know that when she gets red carpet ready, it's all beauty products and fancy hairstyles, but it's not the truth. The actress said, "For me, it's important for my daughters to know that it's not real life. They're seeing me dressed up in all this hair and makeup, but they also see me without that. I want them to see both sides because there is never just one side."

15 She's Raising Little Foodies

Us Weekly

If we're big fans of Blake Lively, then we probably know that she definitely considers herself a foodie. She often waxes poetic about how wonderful butter is. Something else that we should know about Blake is that her kids are little foodies.

According to People, when she was on The Tonight Show back in 2017, she said about her daughter Inez,  “I made a Cookie Monster cake … and she just looked at it and reached for a steak … She was hand-fisting two steaks." That's equal parts hilarious and sweet... and sounds pretty good, actually. It sounds like Blake not only loves to cook but her kids are good eaters. (That's inspiring for moms with picky eaters, right?)

14 She Knows That Motherhood Is Very Messy Sometimes


It's easy for us to assume that Blake Lively is a totally perfect mom. She always looks as stylish as her Gossip Girl character, she has amazing long blonde hair, and she's often all smiles when she's photographed.

But Blake embraces the fact that motherhood is messy, which makes her easy to relate to. As C. Sheet reported, she told Seth Meyers when she appeared on his late night show, “My kid is like playing with explosive devices. I don’t know where she found them. She already knows how to drywall because she puts holes in the wall.” Every mom is nodding their head right now...

13 She Encourages Their Sense Of Humor


So many kids are little comedians, and it's fascinating to watch a child observe the world and talk about their opinions. Often, kids are cracking jokes left and right, even if they don't mean to.

According to Working Mother, Blake Lively's daughter James has a great sense of humor (and perfect comedic timing, too). When Blake was wearing knee-high boots and a sweater mini-dress, her daughter was kind of upset about it. She said to Blake, "Oh no mama, you forgot your pants!" This is an amazing story to hear, and it's also cool that Blake is encouraging her daughters to have a sense of humor. (But then again, we would expect nothing less from the woman married to funny man Ryan Reynolds.)

12 She's Not Into Picture-Perfect Mom Blogs (Or Being A Perfect Mom In General)

Elle Canada

Since Blake Lively starred in the movie A Simple Favor about a mom who befriends a mommy blogger, people wonder how she feels about them.

We can rest easy because the actress isn't a fan at all. According to Glamour, she called these blogs "one of the greatest brands of humor." She doesn't think that any mom has a perfect life or is a perfect mom, and she doesn't think that putting this content out is fair or realistic.

We can totally relate... so much that we wonder if Blake is in our heads about this topic?! It's cool to know that we feel the exact same way.

11 She Has Made Sure Her Older Kid Is Cool With Having A Sibling


According to The Huffington Post, Ryan Reynolds said that their daughters get along and that the older one loves the younger one. Ryan said, “Just seeing my older daughter be so infatuated with our younger daughter, who’s 4 months old. Seeing her kiss her and hug her and hold her and do all those things, those kinda crush me. Whereas they might put anyone else to sleep. But for me, that’s pretty cool.” (Awwww.)

It definitely sounds like Blake has made sure that James is cool with having a sibling. Of course, as all moms know, that can be a fantasy rather than reality sometimes as siblings don't always like each other. But James and her little sister sound so cute together.

10 She Encourages Her Daughter James' Love For Taylor Swift


If any of us are big Taylor Swift fans (and we most likely are since her pop songs are some of the best out there), then we will love hearing that little James is a huge fan, too. According to 1015theeagle.com, James sang the intro to one of Taylor's songs at a concert. Blake has talked about how cool and amazing that moment was.

We would be so excited if our kid did this, too, and we can't help but be envious of how Blake is raising her kids. Of course, Blake has an advantage: she and Ryan are good friends with the singer (and they have been photographed celebrating big holidays like the 4th of July together).

9 She Makes Sure That Birthdays Are Celebrated Big-Time


According to Popsugar, "On the note of birthdays, Blake said they're a pretty big deal in the Reynolds-Lively household." The website quoted the actress as saying, "My youngest wakes up every morning begging me to make her a birthday cake." (So we're not the only ones who wake up wanting cake...)

There is truly nothing better than celebrating your birthday as a kid. Maybe we still find this day to be pretty magical now that we're grown-ups but it was so much better back then, right? Themed birthday parties with loot bags, all of our friends being invited, our mom ordering pizza and getting us our favorite treats. (Now we're feeling super nostalgic.)

8 She Explains Things Super Clearly To Her Kids


Moms know that kids have lots of questions and a natural sense of curiosity. The best thing that we can do is explain things very clearly to our kids, especially in a language that they'll understand.

According to Popsugar, Blake not only explains things to her daughter James (which already makes her a great mom) but she has another hilarious story about something that James said. Blake was quoted as saying, "I had to explain to my daughter what an anniversary is. She's like, 'What is it, does it mean you're having another baby today?' and I was like, 'Dear God, no, it doesn't. It means it's our wedding's birthday."

We're totally going to refer to a wedding anniversary as our wedding's birthday from now on.

7 She Uses Her Parents As Nannies


Blake uses her mom and dad as nannies, and honestly, if we're going to have other people look after our kids, we can probably agree that grandparents are the absolute best. Since they're part of the family and not a stranger, our kids are already familiar with them and more than happy to hang out with them. And, let's face it, they're going to be a bit spoiled and probably eat a few more treats than usual, so they're extra excited about this situation.

According to Romper, Blake said, "When you are looking at your child and she's laughing, it's hard to do anything else." She said that her mom and dad are "pretty much the nannies."

6 She Has A Super Chill Approach To Family Vacations


Something else that we should know about Blake is that she has a really low-key approach to family vacations. While we might think that she takes her family to far-off places where it costs $1,000 just to step foot inside a hotel, that's not the case at all. Sure, she might go on some fancy trips, but for the most part, when it comes to her favorite kind of downtime, she wants to be able to spend quality time with her family.

Working Mother says that Blake talked about her best vacation ever: "The best vacation we can have is to be able to do nothing with our family, so that's what we did."

5 She Doesn't Like Or Allow The Word "Bossy"


No one wants to be called bossy. If we were ever called a bossy child, it might have been because we were confident and were cool with speaking our minds... but, honestly, no one should have called us "bossy." It's such a negative word.

We will definitely be interested to hear that Blake doesn't allow the word "bossy" in her house. She not only doesn't call her daughters this word but she has basically said that no one can use it. According to Elle.com.uk, she said, '...we've joked that my daughter is bossy. But my husband said, "I don't ever want to use that word again. You've never heard a man called bossy."

4 She And Ryan Make Sure One Of Them Is Home When The Other Is Filming

Marie Claire

We're probably pretty curious about what life is like in the Lively/Reynolds household. Since both parents are famous actors, how does that work with filming schedules?

We should know that they take turns so they make sure that one of them is always home. According to Elite Daily, Blake has talked about this and explained the situation a bit more: "Knowing that, everything else comes second. We’ve each given up stuff we loved in order to not work at the same time. I’m fortunate to be in a place now where I get to find the material — a book or script — early and develop it. So I know ahead of time that I’m going to be working on this job at this time. And we can plan around it."

3 She Sets Up Play Dates With Famous Friend Amber Tamblyn


Blake Lively is super close with her costars from the magical friendship movie The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and that includes actress Amber Tamblyn. Since the two are now moms, they have playdates together, and that gives them a chance to talk and spend quality time together.

As Blake said to Us Weekly, the playdates are "filled with a lot of delicious, cream-filled donuts and … catching up on all the time we haven’t seen each other. I think that’s the way all girlfriends are. When you’re that close, you can sit down with someone and immediately jump into the deepest of conversations, which are the only type of relationships I love to have." That sounds like a truly great friendship (and it's the kind that all moms want to have).

2 She Lets Her Daughter Choose Her Halloween Costumes


Moms know that Christmas and Halloween are huge deals with little ones. They are chances for magic when the rest of the routine is pretty, well, routine.

According to Her.ie, Blake lets her oldest daughter, James, choose her Halloween costume and that of her little sister, too. If we didn't already adore Blake, this story makes us even bigger fans because it's another hilarious tale.

She said that when James said she would dress up as Cinderella, she responded, Oh, that’s so special. Does Baby Ines get to be Elsa?" James said that Ines would be "the one-eyed round monster" Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Blake continued that James had another costume idea: “And she wanted her to be Heihei, the weird dumb chicken that’s like, bok bok bok.” Oh, sibling rivalry...

1 Her Number One Priority Is Her Children So She Creates A Loving Family Atmosphere


Blake Lively may star in movies like A Simple Favor and The Shallows, and she may be known for her famous TV role as Serena on Gossip Girl, but her number one priority is her children. She definitely creates a loving family atmosphere.

According to Hello Giggles, Blake has said,  “I love my personal life so much — and my family so much. It takes a lot to make me want to leave the house.”

We can relate to this so much, right? If we weren't already homebodies, once we became moms it's safe to say that we became even bigger ones... and we love every moment that we share with our kids (in the comfort of our own homes, of course).

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