A Practical Guide To Affordable Year-Round Outdoor Items For Babies

With the fall season upon us and pumpkin spice sneaking into menus everywhere, it seems fitting to talk about bringing baby outside. Of course, you might be thinking, Babygaga, that's silly! It's autumn! I just had my baby out for summer fun and now it's time to bring my baby in for some snuggles in the cozy house before it gets too cold. 

But dear reader, we've got you and your precious little one covered! There's no reason that you and your child should have to miss out on any of Mother Nature's beautiful changing seasons simply because of hot or cold weather issues. With a little help thanks to Outside Online, we've got a complete guide of completely affordable, parent-tested gear that will have your little one all set for the great outdoors (or just a visit to your local park which is perfectly fine too) all year long.

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Five Stars For Baby-Carrying

All of this talk about enjoying the seasons might just have you feeling the urge the connect with nature and wanting to take your baby for a walk. After getting your darling all set to go, if you don't have a baby carrier that you're head over heels in love with yet, you'll want to click on over to Amazon to get the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 convertible carrier ($33). It'll let you carry your little guy or little lady facing you if they're sleepy, or towards the majestic scenery if they're wide awake. It's a win-win!



Five Stars For Staying Warm

Look no further than the Columbia Baby Boys' Frosty Freeze Bunting ($60) for little boys or girls too. It comes in a myriad of adorable patterns which is sure to please the pickiest of fashionistas. This is a little pricy, but buntings aren't usually inexpensive -and this is made to last. This bunting has been steadily earning 4.6 out of five stars since August of 2014. Its outer shell is water-resistant and inside is made of faux down for those animal-lovers which is combined with plush fleece. Just head on over to Amazon to check out the rave reviews and photos of babies enjoying the snow in their Frosty Freeze bunting. As a bonus, the hand and feet cuffs fold over to wrap your sweetie in what Columbia describes as a "cocoon of warmth" which makes us over here at Babygaga wish that Columbia made these in adult sizes... sigh.

Five Stars For Skin Protecting Power

Keeping your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun is important- and your baby's skin is even more vulnerable, so it's more important, too! Outside Online found that the I Play Brim sun-protection hat ($13)- which is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon- offers a wide top brim and a neck cover as well. The cute hat offers UPF 50+ all day sun protection (which comes in many colors from royal blue to aqua, hot pink and lavender) also has ties to keep it on). But to bolster your child's protection, pair it with Optic Nerve Lil’ Pro sunglasses ($29) and Super Salve Sierra Madre sunscreen ($13) for optimum sunblock protection.



Five Stars For Hydration-On-The-Go

Say goodbye to cheapie plastic sippy cups with cartoon characters on them and make an investment in your little one's health. Go big with a Hydro Flask kids’ water bottle ($30) or similar water bottle made from quality material (i.e. stainless steel) that will see your baby through college (maybe). While we're at it, don't forget to be a great role model by drinking plenty of water in front of your child. Not only will you stay healthy and hydrated but you'll teach your little one to do the same. Also, if you're feeling in the camping mood and your child is old enough, why not purchase the Hiccapop camp chair ($30)? It has a detachable meal tray, which makes it perfect for cleaning.

Wherever adventure takes you this season, we wish you and your family many fun and safe travels!

Do you have a favorite of your own to add to one of these categories or feel like we've missed something in this guide? Please let us know in the comments below! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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