5Signs That Your Child May Have A Problem

In case you are worried about your child’s speech development, it is necessary for you to keep a watch for certain warning signs. It should be particularly alarming for you if your infant is not responding to sound or is making no effort to vocalize.

Between 12 and 24 months,

parents should be concerned if their child:

  • is having difficulty in understanding even the simplest verbal requests
  • does not use gestures including waving bye-bye or pointing by 12 months
  • finds it hard to imitate sounds by 18 months
  • prefers to use gestures to communicate instead of vocalization at 18 months

Evaluation of a child over 2 years old

It is necessary for your child to be evaluated if he is 2 years of age and is only capable of imitating speech or actions while not being able to produce words or phrases. Apart from that, he should also be evaluated if he:

  • can’t follow basic directions
  • is more difficult to understand as compared to other children his age
  • can only imitate speech or actions and cannot produce phrases or words spontaneously
  • can’t use oral language to communicate more than his immediate needs
  • says only a few words repeatedly

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