Guy Finds Out His GF Is Pregnant In Either The Best Or The Worst Way

Guy Finds Out His GF Is Pregnant In Either The Best Or The Worst Way

A guy got told second hand that the girl he’s been fooling around with is pregnant, and the news came from Twitter of all places.

Honestly, there are very few good ways to tell a dude he’s about to be an unexpected father. There’s right after he’s done winning the lottery, right after he’s received the Nobel prize in economics, and right after defeating his arch nemesis in online games. That’s about it, those three cases.

So when Nina (which we’ve gathered entirely from her Twitter handle) decided to spill the beans on social media, it certainly seemed like a terrible way to break the news.

First of all, the Twitter gaffe starts with Nina reading over the pregnant girl’s shoulder to see her messaging a friend named Isabelle that she’s preggers. Then she has the audacity to go on her own Twitter feed and blab to the world that the girl Cody has been hooking up with is now pregnant, presumably because of Cody and not because the still nameless woman enjoys unprotected copulation with a bunch of strangers.


Following these tweets in chronological order, we find that her first tweet went a little bit viral and was retweeted nearly 7,000 times. It got to the point that she had to reply to her own post to ask people to stop retweeting. Apparently if her mom found out she would ground her. It’s not really clear how much power Nina’s mom has over her while she’s away at university. Maybe she still lives at home?

Only after her initial tweet starts a firestorm does she maybe get the hint that it was a bad idea to announce someone’s pregnancy on social media without their permission. Lucky for Nina, it seems this mom-to-be is super cool and found her peeping tomfoolery to be charming rather than creepy and inappropriate.

Nina apologizes to the many angry Twitter users and follows up with one final tweet to say the whole thing has a happy ending. Both Cody and mom-in-waiting are fine, happy, and found the whole thing to be pretty funny.

Maybe they’ll name the kid Nina.


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