My Hair Is Falling Out Three Months Postpartum And I Want To Cry

I just gave birth to my perfect and beautiful baby girl three months ago. Recovering from giving birth is hard. You not only have to recover from pushing out a baby, but your body tries to get back to where it was 9 months prior. It has been three months since I gave birth and I still pee a little when I sneeze or if I start running on a full bladder. My bones still ache and my hips are still a little sore. I have headaches still and I still get cramps every once in awhile when I am nursing because my uterus is still not back to where it was before I got pregnant. And now, one of my least favorite symptoms of postpartum recovery, hair loss!

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After my first child was born I had no idea how bad postpartum recovery was going to be and it hit me hard! I really hated the whole process. I had a fourth degree tear and it took me 10 weeks to finally have all of my stitches dissolve. When I finally thought that I was starting to recover, my hair started to fall out. A lot of women who have never been pregnant say something like, "yeah my hair already does that." No,  you have no idea! About 3 months postpartum your hair will start falling out in huge clumps. Every time that I wash my hair the drain is completely clogged. I will lean up from my hair and there will be tons of hair left behind. Many women even complain about having bald patches. Thankfully my hair is naturally thick but it is really hard to watch all of my beautiful locks fall out!

A few days ago I was straightening my hair and tons of hair fell right onto the floor! It's a miracle that I even have hair left. In the past when my hair has fallen out after giving birth I would just tell myself, "It will just grow back when I get pregnant again." Well, this was my last baby and so I don't even get to have my hair grow back. It makes me so sad. The woman's body just goes through so much after they have children. I know it is all worth it because I have four perfect children but it is very difficult to swallow. My whole body has changed and I am not confident in my own skin often. And then my hair falling out is just the cherry on top!

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