Hairy Belly: A Lesser Known Pregnancy Side Effect

Hairy Belly Pregnancy Side Effect

A hairy belly is one of the lesser-known side effects of pregnancy, but one mom has shed new light on it after telling her story via Daily Mail. Journalist Monique Bowley has shared her experience with her hairy pregnancy stomach, which left her stunned.


Bowley had done laser hair removal on parts of her body, including her stomach, years before she got pregnant. Therefore she was in total shock when during her first trimester she noticed hair growing excessively on her belly. Those pregnancy hormones have a mind of their own, and the previously removed hair grew back. She joked that she discovered the new side effect in the shower one day when looking down and thinking her belly might need to be shampooed.

However, as opposed to letting her hairy belly get the best of her Bowley has used social media to not only make women aware of this pregnancy side effect but also have some fun with it. In one post she even referred to her hairy body part as "Hagrid" from Harry Potter.

Dr. Joseph Sgroi spoke to Daily Mail explaining that women can see more hair on their body during pregnancy for two reasons. One is because of the crazy hormones that constantly fluctuate while one is carrying a baby. The other reason has to do with increased levels of ovarian and placental androgens. As those increase, so do hair follicles. Dr. Sgroi's explanation is all very clinical, but the main point is that the body is undergoing some major changes during pregnancy, which can lead to a variety of side effects, including a hairy stomach.

There is good news though. As with most pregnancy side effects, the hairiness will go away once the baby is born. Dr. Sgroi even said that most new moms won't need to do anything to get rid of it. No razors or waxing needed! Perhaps once Bowley has had her little one she will update her social media fans on whether or not this is true.

Were you aware that a hairy belly was a pregnancy side effect? Did you experience it while you were pregnant? Let us know your experiences in the comments!


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