Halle Berry Stuck To The Controversial Keto Diet While Pregnant

Halle Berry is currently a mother-of-two, and after having countless fans asked her how she bounced back so quickly after her pregnancies, she recently decided to spill one of her secrets.

As part of their weekly #FitnessFriday Instagram series, Halle and her personal trainer Peter Lee routinely offer their health and wellness advice through her social media platform. This past Friday, they discussed Halle’s fondness for the Keto diet. "It's just the lifestyle that we subscribe to that works best for our bodies," the actress explained.

The Keto diet is controversial for its strict low-carb, high fat requirements. By dramatically reducing the amount of carbs one is ingesting, and rather replacing it with fat, it puts the body into the metabolic ketosis state. When this happens, the body is constantly burning built-up fat for energy, resulting in quick weightless. Some experts say that it can help fight against diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Halle is such a strong plan of this diet regime that she even admitted to s ticking to it during her pregnancies. "I did eat pretty much keto, mainly because I'm diabetic and that's why I've chosen the keto lifestyle," she told her followers.

The star’s reveal startled many fans as the safety of the Keto diet during pregnancy has not been fully confirmed. "For obvious ethical reasons, we do not have any studies that say it is safe to be on the ketogenic diet during pregnancy, so I can't really advocate for it," says Dr. Christine Greves, a board-certified ob-gyn from Orlando Health, told Shape magazine.

However, some research has suggested that not getting enough folic acid, which is found in carb-rich foods like rice and pasta, during pregnancy can be detrimental. So, if a mom-to-be has completely cut out carbs from her diet, it could definitely become a problem during pregnancy.

Interestingly, despite Halle’s admission that she’s a diabetic, the Keto diet isn’t necessarily the safest meal plan for individuals with this condition. Although the diet can be helpful for hyperglycemic issues, since it forces you to be mindful of blood sugar and glucose levels daily, it can trigger a dangerous condition called Ketoacidosis.

This happens when the body has too many ketones, which are acids resulting from the burning of fat. This then makes the blood too acidic, which can damage the liver, kidneys, and brain. This condition is most common in folks with diabetes, although it has been reported in those without it.

Pregnant women should always consult with their doctor before continuing on with a specific diet during pregnancy or if they plan on drastically changing their eating habits. While the Keto plan may have been fine for Halle during pregnancy, it won’t be the same for every mom-to-be.

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