Halle Berry Wishes She Had Been A Surrogate Because She Feels ‘Sexiest’ Pregnant

Halle Berry says that she enjoys being pregnant so much so that she wishes she could do it again, but as someone else’s surrogate. Even though the actress has two kids of her own, she wishes that she could have taken the opportunity to be someone else’s surrogate simply because she says she felt the best while pregnant.

The Hollywood actress, who shares her two kids Nahla and Maceo with her exes Gabriel Aurby and Olivier Martinez, admits that she felt the sexiest while pregnant. The actress first became a mom at the age of 40 back in 2008, and looking back at her pregnancy, she says that she not only looked her best but felt her best, too.

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Speaking to InStyle magazine, the Oscar-winning actress has nothing but great memories from both of the times that she was expecting her babies. Halle Berry also said that while she had no idea what was in store for her as far as motherhood was involved, having children was one of the best decisions she ever made. Plus, becoming a mom has also helped her grow and mature as a person.

She told the publication, “Knowing that someone would always be counting on me made me a better person. I’m more focused and in line with my values and my goals I stopped letting negativity get me down."

Berry also says that she wishes she could turn back time and help someone who was in need or who were struggling with their own infertility. The actress admits that if it weren’t for her Hollywood career and her hectic schedule, she would have done things a little bit differently. That’s because she loves the thought of being pregnant.

She added, “Had I started earlier, I probably would have had five children. Or if I hadn’t been busy trying to make movies, I would have been the perfect surrogate."

At age 52, things have certainly changed for Berry, but she says that during her pregnancy she felt most alive with her purpose. She also told the magazine that she felt as though her body was doing what it was built to do.

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And while a lot of people might know Halle Berry best as one of the sexiest women in the entertainment industry, at home she’s just mom. For Berry, it’s her most important role to date. Her kids also get a kick out of poking fun of her popularity whenever they are in public, too!

"Being a mom is the best job, but my kids don’t care about who I am outside of this house," she shared. "My daughter got a sense of who I am from friends at school. And -- this is funny -- for the last year, my son has been saying my full name really loudly in public like, 'Halle Berry, can you pass me the ketchup?'"

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