10 Cutest & Most Original Newborn Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner which means parents handing out candy and kids going trick-or-treating in their favorite Halloween costume. If you have a newborn you might think of staying in this year, but even with a newborn you can create memories for you and your partner.

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Having a newborn dress up for Halloween tends to go as the same few customers, luckily we have come up with a list of original newborn costumes for you to get inspiration from. So keep reading to discover ten of the cutest and most original newborn Halloween costumes for your little one this year.

10 Get Punny With Them

There is nothing wrong with dressing your newborn up as a pumpkin for Halloween. But this is a Halloween costume that is done all the time, every year from parents. Since you have a newborn you should use them for your advantage and make an adorable punny Halloween costume for the whole family. This Halloween costume is cute and clever using the popular lyrics “Ice Ice Baby.” For this, all you need to do is make costumes for you and your partner since your baby is already perfect for the line!

9 A Classic American Sandwich

Newborns are known for needing to be swaddled when they are born to help them feel comfortable after leaving the womb. This can make parents feel like they cannot dress up their little ones since they need to make sure to keep them wrapped up and warm. But you need to use that to your advantage. This Halloween costume of a baby as a Subway sandwich is so sweet and funny everyone will be talking about. All you need for this one is to get a blanket with their logo on it and get a hat with some veggies on it to make your newborn into their icon sandwiches.

8 A Little Scarecrow

If you live in a colder area in the United States then you want to find a costume that is going to keep your newborn warm when you are out with your family. A creative costume that you can easily put together for your baby is a scarecrow costume.

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For this, all you need are warm clothes like a plaid shirt, overalls, a straw hat, and some star stuck to their clothes. This scarecrow costume is perfect since you do not have to spend a lot of money to make an original costume for your baby.

7 The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Going out trick-or-treating with a newborn is a lot different than going out with toddlers and older kids. Going out for Halloween with a newborn means that you need to carry them all night from house to house where toddlers and older kids can walk next to you. Make your Halloween costume with your newborn a set with you being a web and your little one being a spider. You can buy a spider baby carrier or just make spider legs to attach to one of their outfits. Don’t worry, no one is going to be afraid of this spider when they look this cute!

6 Cup Of Noodles

One of the most iconic foods that everyone eats when they are in college is ramen noodles. Dressing your newborn up like a cup of noodles is a charming costume that will surely make everyone have a chuckle.

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For this costume all you need is to get a onesie, then put the noodles logo on it and create a hat the has some of the noodles on top of it. This is not just a cute costume, but also an easy one to make if you are not good at crafting.

5 Candy Floss

The sweetest candy out there on the market is cotton candy since cotton candy is pure sugar. With this being a popular Halloween treat it is a perfect costume for your newborn. This Halloween costume allows you to keep your baby warm since all you have to do is make the cotton candy go on top of their everyday clothes. But make sure you make a little headband for the paper cone so everyone knows what the costume is. Let your baby show off how sweet they really are with a cotton candy costume.

4 Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

Everyone knows of the tale of Rapunzel the princess who was stuck in a tall tower and had nothing else to do but grow her hair. While every child is going to be going out as Elsa or Anna from Frozen, you should let your newborn be a different princess.

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This costume is original and clever with the dad as the tower and the baby as Rapunzel wearing a hat that features the long hair everyone knows. Have you and your newborn have a unique costume as Rapunzel and her tower.

3 Cuties

A great original costume that will call your baby as they see it is to dress them up as the cutie they are as the mandarins brand Cuties! This costume is fantastic for parents who have multiple little kids along with your newborn, to make it easy to get everyone from house to house since you can make a cart into a cutie box for your kids to sit in. For this costume, all you have to do is dress up babies up in all orange outfit and add some orange balloons or balls into the cart to get the full effect.

2 This Can Is Occupied

One of the most famous streets in the world is Sesame Street. And Sesame Street is known for being the home of many famous characters that live there. Oscar the Grouch is known for being the green monster who lives in a trash can on that street. Oscar is such a get inspiration for your little one’s Halloween costume.

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This requires an Oscar the Grouch customer and to turn their baby carrier into a trash can. Have your little one dress up as a famous resident of Sesame Street this Halloween.

1 Commander In Chief

What is the highest office in the United States? It is the office of the president. This is one of the most creative, unique, and adorable costumes that you can put your newborn in. This is perfect since you are wearing a baby carrier and can make that into their press podium with the president's office logo on it. But this costume will not be complete without your playing your part and dressing up as a secret service agent. Give your little one an original costume as the president of the free world.

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