Halloween With Cute Trick-Or-Treaters

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year! It's light-hearted, meant for good-natured hi-jinks, and an excuse to binge-eat Halloween candy. Win-win-win, in my book! Don't let anyone tell you that you're too old for Halloween. I certainly hope you never outgrow having a good time, darn it! If you're a teenager and you show up at my door, you get candy. If you're a parent in costume, your kid gets extra candy. Yes, I see you, putting in effort to make Halloween magical for your littles! But the cutest of all Halloween visitors are toddlers in costume. Yes. If Halloween were exclusively toddler trick-or-treaters, I'd be set.

Halloween Magic

For some reason, age makes us all bitter and cynical and snarky. Just ask a teenager - they're a LOT more moody and grumpy than they ever used to be before! In all seriousness, there's a certain magical quality about Halloween that only really little kids get to experience. Maybe it's the open community coming together to make a  safe and happy Halloween for them. Or it could be that kids aren't trying to game the system - they're just discovering that such a trick-or-treat system even exists!

Homemade Cuteness

Here's the thing, store-bought costumes are awesome. They're fun and recognizable, and if it makes your kid happy and you can afford it, do it! But there's something especially heartwarming about a home-made costume! If I pinned a blue-and-white checkered sheet around my body, no one would look at me and think, "She's dresses up as Dorothy!" But if you do the same to a baby's onesie - GAME ON. You get the older generational appeal with the classic film, the younger people with the vintage hipster chic, and the approval of the mom who sees game in your thrown-together look. But even if your kid's costume is haphazardly assembled and hot-glued (to the) eyeballs, THEY WILL LOOK SO CUTE IN IT! It's like eating a cake made by someone you love - you really can taste the love in it!

Land Of Make Believe

Remember how much I love Mister Rogers? Well, if anyone enjoyed playing "dress-up", it was the OG Fred Rogers himself! He puppetted and voiced nearly every character in The Land Of Make Believe - and kids ate it up. Imaginative play is so enriching and creates such sweet memories! Perhaps part of what makes Halloween such a mythic day is that it is a free-for-all for your creative side. Yes, on Halloween, toddlers really CAN be a Dinosaur Train. They might not be tall enough to ride a roller coaster, buy why not pretend to fight fires for the night? If they want to wrap themselves in toilet paper and say they're a mummy, I will believe they are a mummy with them!

As we get older, the freedom to be who or what we want to be diminishes. We're all grown up now, and we never did become an astronaut! For toddlers, the world is still wide open. Anything is possible - and no matter what they dream of being, they'll be as cute as a button! Take my candy, cute toddlers in costumes! I can't even.


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