10 Halloween Inspired Baby Names

Autumn can be such a lovely and beautiful time of year, especially for those who love when the holiday season starts to roll in. If an expectant parent is a Halloween fanatic or even if they are expecting a baby close to Halloween, finding the perfect name for a little one can be extremely thrilling!

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There are tons of Halloween inspired baby names to choose from regardless of whether or not mom is having a baby girl or a little fellow. There is something on this “All Hallow’s Eve” themed list for everyone! Some of these spooktacular names are incredibly unique and rare while others may seem a bit more traditional and common.

10 Morticia

Morticia is a lovely name for a baby girl who’s due to come into this world this fall. If this name is ringing a bell, that could be because Morticia happens to be the name of Gomez’s lovely wife and Wednesday and Pugsley charming mother in the movie and TV series The Addam’s Family.

The name Morticia is so rare that there have only been 54 babies who have been given this stunning name at birth since the 1880s in the United States, as reported by Names.org. That would mean there is a good chance that you have never met another person with this same name before. Isn’t this just the perfect Halloween inspired baby name?

9 Addam

When you can hear, “They’re creepy and they’re kooky...” start to play in the back of your mind when you glance at this next name, you may just be a true Addams Family fan. If that is the case then the name Addam would be the perfect fit for your little guy! The typical spelling of this name, Adam, was once a commonly used name for a baby boy, but adding the extra “d” to match the 1964-1977 hit TV show The Addams Family truly adds some uniqueness and flair.

Plus, when your little guy gets older and asks why you named him Addam, you can simply put on an episode or one of the movies and let that do all the explaining for you! In the United States, there have only been 726 babies who were given the first name Addam since the 1880s, according to Names.org. This spelling variations really ties in a traditional and rare feel for the ultimate baby name!

8 Sabrina

Sabrina would be an astonishing Halloween themed name to give your little girl. It is something that she would grow to love as she got older. The name Sabrina means “legendary princess” or simply “princess,” as reported by Names.org. The reason this is the perfect Halloween inspired baby name is because of the former TV series about a blossoming young witch who tries to juggle her family’s secrets while also trying to be a normal teenager in Sabrina the Teenage Witch that stared the lovely Melissa Joan Hart.

This show first aired in 1996 and by the next year, this name hit its highest spike in popularity with a whooping 5,823 babies who were all given this same name at birth in the United States, according to Names.org. That is a whole lot of Sabrina’s that were born in 1997!

7 Freddy

Freddy is not only a traditional and popular name from the 1940s, but it is also a great Halloween inspired boy’s name that can leave some people with nightmares. That’s right, the name Freddy is inspired by the 1984 Halloween classic A Nightmare on Elm Street that was directed by Wes Craven. Craven was a brilliant man who brought Freddy Kruger to life and had you questioning your own bad dreams.

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In the United States since the 1880s, there have been about 26k babies who were given this same name at birth, as reported by Names.org. Also according to Names.org, there is a lot of history to this name since the first documented use of the name Freddy dates back to Sunday, January 2, 1876; well over 100 years of history in the U.S. alone!

6 Luna

According to mythology, Luna represents the “Goddess of the Moon,” as reported by Names.org. This name is truly beautiful and stunning and would be such a wonderful name that you could choose to give your little girl if you are searching for the perfect Halloween themed name for a daughter.

The reason that Luna makes the cut is that when many people think about Halloween, they may think of a full moon hanging in a dark stary sky in the still of the night. And since Luna represents the moon, this name fits perfectly into this list! So, why not let your daughter be the Goddess she was meant to be by giving her this fitting name?

5 Damien

Damien is an excellent name for a baby boy if you are looking for something that is downright chilling as far as Halloween inspired baby names go! If you love horror flicks, you may already know what Halloween-time movie Damien comes from. We are talking about the original 1976 movie about an adoption gone wrong – a couple who so badly wanted to be parents – The Omen.

The Omen is a true classic! According to Names.org, in the United States alone, there have been almost 56k babies who were given the name Damien at birth. If you are an All Hallow’s Eve fanatic, are you brave enough to give your little guy this awesome name?

4 Samantha

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the girls’ name Samantha is too ordinary to be Halloween inspired. If you are a fan of classic TV shows and witches and are expecting a baby girl, Samantha would be the perfect name for your little one. Samantha was the name of the wife and beloved witch, played by the late actress Elizabeth Montgomery, on the 1964-1972 series Bewitched.

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If you are a millennial, there is a good chance that you know someone named Samantha. After all, according to Names.org, in the United States alone, there have been about 572k babies who were given this lovely name at birth since the 1880s. As reported by Names.org, Samantha means “one who listens.” Perhaps that is why Samantha’s are said to be good listeners!

3 Regan

Regan is a fabulous name for a baby boy, especially for all the parents out there who love all things spooky. This name does happen to be gender-neutral which means that even if parents are expecting a little girl this Halloween, Regan would still be the perfect fit!

This Halloween inspired name comes from a movie that most people have been at least once in their life about what could potentially go wrong when an Ouija Board gets thrown into the mix – The Exorcist. The Exorcist first went into theaters in 1973. Regan is a slightly uncommon baby name with only about 19k people in the United States who all share this same great name, according to Names.org.

2 Blair

The name Blair makes for the perfect Halloween themed baby name for a little girl. It is inspired by the 1999 documentary-style horror flick The Blair Witch Project. This movie either left its viewers bored or terribly frightened!

Blair also happens to be a gender-neutral name for all the parents out there who want to be surprised by their baby’s gender. It even currently sits at number 172 on the Gender-Neutral Names list, as reported by Names.org. Also according to Names.org, since 1880 in the United States, there have been almost 19k babies who all share the first name, Blair.

1 Angel

If you are a millennial, there is a good chance that you have watched at least one episode of either the hit TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer or its spinoff Angel staring the dreamy David Boreanaz. Angel would make a fantastic name for your little boy if you are searching for something that is Halloween inspired.

Angel is actually a gender-neutral name that could also make the perfect fit for a little girl as well. Angel is a popular name with about 322k babies who were born in the United States who have all shared this great name since the 1880s, as stated by Names.org.

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