Hampton Mom Charged With Murder 4 Months After 2-Year-Old Found Dead

Mothers are supposed to protect their children and love them. These- along with taking care of them- are the most important aspects of parenting. But not every mother does this. Some are neglectful- they'd rather do what they want instead of taking care of their children, and they don't care what anyone thinks. Then there are mothers who kill their own flesh and blood senselessly.

In Hampton, Virginia, a mother has been arrested and charged for the murder of her two-year-old son. 35-year-old Julia Tomlin is now in jail just four months after the body of her son- two-year-old Noah Tomlin- was found.

It was back on Sunday, June 24th, 2019 when Julia had reported her toddler missing from their Buckroe Beach, Virginia home. But during the search, police arrested her and charged her with three counts of child neglect. Nine days after he was last seen, Noah's body was found. It had been located in a city-run trash incinerator plant known as the Hampton Steam Plant.

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According to investigators, Noah's body was discovered to be badly decomposed, with his liver being the only organ that was recognizable. It's said that the toddler died from two skull fractures that were described as one attorney as "not only severe, but horrific". Noah had many more injuries, too- bruised ribs, hip fractures, and jaw fractures. It's been pointed out that some of the child's injuries appeared to be healing, which suggests severe long-term abuse that couldn't have happened accidentally. According to the autopsy, the official cause of death was blunt force trauma and battered child syndrome.

Julia has since been charged with murder and unlawful disposal of a body and still faces the three aforementioned child neglect charges. She made her first court appearance this past Monday, but it's unknown if she's entered a formal plea. She still remains at Hampton Roads Regional Jail, and her bond is unknown. She's being represented by her court-appointed attorney, assistant public defender Ryan Asalone, for all of her charges. She's set to appear in court again for a hearing on Monday, December 9th.

"Justice looks like Julia Tomlin being held fully accountable for the death of her son, and to me, that’s prison," Hampton Commonwealth’s Attorney Anton Bell explained.

Until that day happens, our thoughts are with the victim and their remaining family.

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