10 Handsome Boys Names That Will Be All The Rage In 2020

There is a lot of thought that goes into choosing the perfect name for babies. Naturally, when choosing a baby name, people typically want to pick something that rolls off of the tongue nicely and won’t lead to bullying later on in life.

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There are so many names out there these days that it can be hard to choose the perfect one, but this article might just make that task a little easier. Below is a list of the top ten boys names that are not only sure to be all the rage in the new year, but are also very handsome sounding.

10 Alec

Starting this list off with a short and simple name to pronounce, we have Alec. Alec is a name that means protector of mankind in Greek, making it not only a handsome name, but a strong one as well.

Similar sounding to the name, Alex, with a name as short as this one you’ll never have to worry about nicknames or people mispronouncing your name. The name Alec was most popular in the year 1997, but is certainly due for a comeback in the new year, making it a great option for your baby boy to be.

9 Blaze

The next name on our list is a rare one that not a whole lot of people have. Blaze, is a boys name that is not only really cool, but it also sounds like the name that you would give to a boy who is going to grow up to be both handsome and successful. Any boy who has this name is sure to have the coolest name in their daycare center without a doubt.

Being Latin in origin, this name typically means one who stutters, but if you want it to sound cool you could say it's like the blaze you get from a fire.

8 Carlisle

Not a name made only for a fictional character from Twilight, the name Carlisle would be great for any boy to have. This is a sweet, masculine, and handsome name that is expected to be used a lot in the new year.

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This name was originally only used as a surname in Northern England, but has since gained popularity as a first name that is no becoming more common. We expect to see many little boys with this name in the coming years, and we could probably call them “Carl” for short.

7 Finn

The next name on our list is not only super short and easy to both say and spell, but it is also super cute. The name Finn is Irish in origin and is another name that derives from a common Irish surname. The popularity of this name has been on the rise throughout the years and is set to be at its peak in the year 2020.

This is another one of those names that are so short that they do not require a nickname. Any handsome little boy would be lucky to have such a fun name.

6 Grayson

Deriving from an English surname, this next one really does not have a whole lot of meaning behind it, but that doesn't make it sound any less cool. According to Behindthename.com, the name Grayson has been steadily on the rise since the year 1984.

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In the year 2018, it was one of the most popular boy names used, and will likely just continue to grow in popularity in the new year. A neat nickname to give someone with this name would be Gray, which sounds just as cool as Grayson.

5 Kian

Kian is a very neat, very original, and very unheard of name that would be a great option to consider when choosing a name for your baby. Being Persian in origin this name can mean King, Foundation, or Symbol of pride, making it a very strong name to hold.

Between the years 2000 and 2019 this name has been used more and more and is a name that we believe is going to be all the rage in 2020. Easy enough to spell and pronounce this name does not require a nickname, but we think that Ki would be a cute one.

4 Laszlo

The name Laszlo is a rather unusual one that we weren't really able to find an origin to. Its spelling can be a bit complicated for some and we think that most people could shorten it to Laz for a nickname.

Its lack of meaning and complicated spelling though should not turn you off because this name is so cool any boy would be lucky to have it. This sounds like the name of one cool kid and you really can't go wrong choosing something like this for your little boy.

3 Otis

The name Otis is originally an English surname, and has not been all that popular over the years, but we do believe this is going to change in the coming years. This name is short, handsome, original, and very few boys in the world have this.

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So its originality is what you're going for when choosing a baby name then this might just be the right choice for your little boy to be. It should also be noted that there are plenty of famous people out there with this name such as Otis Redding, Otis Clay, and Otis Rush.

2 Rafael

It really does not get much more handsome than this next name. Rafael is a name that is not only adorable for a baby boy, but really carries on to be a great name for any man to have. This name does have a bit of a religious meaning behind it, so it might not be the choice for everyone.

Being Hebrew in origin, this name means “God has healed”, which we think makes it that much more special to have. Let’s forget to mention that you could always call your baby Raf for short.

1 Rowan

The name Rowan is of Scottish origin and according to Behindthenames.com, it means little redhead. Therefore, this name would probably be the perfect fit for a baby that is born with red hair, that is if the meanings of names are important to you.

If the meaning of the name isn't important to you, then we suggest considering this name simply because of how cool it sounds. Rowan is currently rising in popularity so now is the perfect time to use it before it gets so popular that everyone you know has a kid with this name.

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