We're Harming Our Girls When We Tell Them That They Are Harder To Raise Than Boys

I am not sure why so many people are constantly telling me that "girls are so much harder." That is such a silly thing to say. Do you know how many women there are in this world? Do you know how many women have ever existed in this world? You are telling me that every single woman in all of existence is more difficult than every single man?

I was a very easy teenager. Although my brother was a very good kid, my sister and I were much easier than my brother. He was a good kid, but that just shows how boring my sister and I were.  I know a lot of families who had boys who were much more challenging. People just need to stop saying how much harder girls are than boys.

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It is interesting that we are confused about why girls come into this world struggling more with their self-worth and their self-esteem. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are telling girls that they are so much harder than boys? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are continually telling boys that they are so much easier than girls?

Before my daughter was even born people were constantly telling me that she was going to be so much harder, more difficult and that she was going to make me want to pull my hair out. My boys would just sit there confused. They were starting to get worried about their sister coming because they thought she would just be this horrible mess. I had to talk to my boys on multiple occasions to say boys are not better than girls. It's challenging for me to try to teach my boys the equality of the sexes when there so many people telling them people want boys more because girls are just "a lot of work."


I remember one specific time where a mother went on and on about how horrible girls are and how much easier boys are. She told me that I was so lucky to have all boys (this was before I had my daughter) and she said that my parenting journey was so much easier than hers because I didn't have a girl. Her daughter was just standing right next to her frozen. Her sons were there next to her smiling. And that is what is wrong with this world!

Stop telling my boys that they are so much easier and less complicated than my daughter will be. I work extra hard to make sure that my boys are treating women with respect and I want them to always know the genders are equal. But, this is difficult to accomplish that when women are telling them how difficult girls are. Just stop.

Every single person is different. I have three boys and one girl. All three of my boys are so different. I have raised them the same yet they all have different personalities and challenges. Stop putting girls into one category and stop putting every boy in one category.

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