10 Harry Potter-Inspired Baby Names All Fans Will Love

Ever since the first book in the series was released, Harry Potter has had a large fanbase all around the world. There are a lot of reasons why the books, as well as the movies, have been loved by many for so long.

For example, the films are pretty visually stunning, and both the movies and the books let fans have a little peek at what it would be like to be a wizard, which is pretty awesome. These films and books have had a huge impact on pop culture. Here are some really cool baby names inspired by them.

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10 Arthur

Arthur Weasley is a pretty big deal to Harry Potter fans. Among other things, he was the head of the Weasley family. He even worked in the Ministry of Magic, which just makes him even more interesting.

This name is a pretty awesome one for any little boy to have. Perhaps the fact that this name was used in this book and film series added to its coolness. The name Arthur means “bear.” It has been around quite a while, and the name still seems to be very popular for baby boys.

9 Alice

Since the Harry Potter series was originally aimed at children, some of the dark themes in it have been very surprising to some people. However, as any true fan knows, when times are dark you only have to turn on the light...

And that's why Alice is a perfect name for a little girl - it is not an obvious reference to the series, but a subtle one. Alice Longbottom may not have been a main character, but she's loyal, loving, and even under torture by Death Eaters, she wouldn't give up her friends.

8 Fred

While some of the characters in the Harry Potter series have a happy ending, there are some who do not. Fans were pretty emotional when one of the Weasley twins, Fred, passed away.

Despite the fact that this name was featured in some very popular works of fiction, Fred does not seem to be quite as popular a name as it used to be. Nevertheless, the name still has a great deal of style to it, and it just oozes class. It's also a name that isn't too obvious a fan-reference to the series.

7 Bellatrix

There are some names out there that are just automatically awesome, and this really is one of them. Don't let the fact that Bellatrix LeStrange was a villain put you off, though - this is the kind of wonderfully unique name that no one else in your kid's class is likely to have.

The meaning of this name is “female warrior.” Considering how tough Bellatrix Lestrange is, that is a perfect fit. Kids named Bellatrix can be warriors for good, not just for evil - and proud of how unique their name is.

6 James

Technically, this is a name that two characters from this popular series share. But as far as characters who have James as a first name go, Harry’s dad is the one that comes to mind.

His name was James Potter, but fans know that he was also known by a nickname (Prongs), due to the fact that his Animagus form was a stag - no one would suggest naming a baby Prongs, of course, but it's a cute nickname for a little one that references everyone's favorite fandom.

5 Tom

This may sound like an ordinary name to have, but it’s really not, especially when it comes to fiction. Anyone who has ever read any of the Harry Potter books or seen any of the films knows that Tom is the name of one of the most interesting villains in fiction these days. Though, most people don’t refer to this character as Tom. In most cases, he’s referred to as Lord Voldemort.

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Once again, it might seem strange to name a child after the villain, not the hero, but bear in mind that Voldemort had some good qualities, too! He was incredibly intelligent, powerful, charismatic and motivated - who wouldn't want that for a child?

4 George

Fred and George Weasley looked so much alike that even their own parents had a hard time telling them apart from one another. Nevertheless, the two were also quite different. George was generally much more sympathetic, so this name is perfect for the little ones who know how to make others feel better.

3 Lily

Though Lily Potter passed on long before the Harry Potter books and films take place, there is no denying that she has a very big role in the story in general. Lily is one of the best fictional mothers in existence, considering the fact that she sacrificed her life for her child, who is Harry.

Lily is an awesome name for any little girl. It is delicate, and yet it makes others think of the strength that Lily Potter had, which makes this name even more awesome.

2 Harry

Over the years, a lot of fans have named their children after their favorite characters from Harry Potter, and it’s no surprise that the lead character’s first name is one of the most popular choices. Who wouldn't want a magical Chosen One as a child?

And while it is a bit of an obvious choice, it's also so classic that no one is going to assume a baby Harry is specifically named after the series. It's the perfect way to reference a favorite character without having your child hear Potter jokes for the rest of their lives.

1 Hermione

Hermione, unlike Harry, is definitely the kind of name that everyone will recognize as inspired by the series... but that's not a bad thing. Hermione is the ultimate strong female character in Harry Potter; smart, capable, brave, and committed.

Who wouldn't want their daughter to have the kind of qualities Hermione does? And while its obvious connection to the series may not appeal to everyone, it will at least help everyone know how to pronounce and spell it!

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