Harsh Truths Mom Learns In Her First Year, Based On Her Zodiac

The Zodiac can reveal so much about someone’s personality. A woman's sign can be very telling as to what kind of person she is and will be, including all aspects of motherhood! Yes, that is right, one's Zodiac can reveal startling, harsh, and even exciting truths about what she will learn about motherhood.

Whether you follow astrology or not, it is always tons of fun and totally interesting to find out what your Zodiac sign says about you. When it comes to being a mother, what type of mom will you be? What will you learn about being a mommy to your sweet little one, as they grow from infant to toddler to kid?

Your sign will certainly tell you! Some Zodiac signs make amazing moms, some need some work, and others should rethink their mommy experience. The Zodiac is often on target, according to many followers of astrology. It is who you are deep down. So, go ahead, learn more about motherhood through your Zodiac sign, and discover some harsh truths and what you will learn to improve to make your time as a mama something extraordinary. Read on and find your sign to see if it is right for you- whether it is positive, a bit harsh, and a little bit of both!

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12 Aquarius - Patience, My Dear

If you are an Aquarius (born January 20- February 18), then you are an independent woman and mother. You can have a lot of fun, but you also like things to be done your way, and often, only your way! You have a hard time compromising and can be extremely impatient in a variety of scenarios, particularly when it comes to motherhood.

Fear not, Aquarius moms, you can learn to demonstrate patience with your little ones! You are doing a great job turning your mini me's into independent thinkers and creative human beings, but when they have a temper tantrum, do not get upset. Take a deep breath, and practice that important patience. It can be hard to be patient when our children want to stray from what we think is best for them, and this is particularly hard with moms who are under this sign.

11 Pisces - Friendly, Yet Fearful

A Pisces mom, born February 19- March 20, is the mom we all want to be friends with. She is super friendly, compassionate, and gentle. However, she can also be very fearful in some situations, which she may try to hide. When it comes to motherhood, Pisces mothers tend to bring out the best in their children and are always encouraging their dreams. However, they may have lots of trouble actually helping their kids achieve those said dreams.

Why? Because Pisces moms can be plain ‘ol scared. They are very nice, trusting, and smart, yet, when it comes to new or difficult situations, particularly under the motherhood umbrella, they tend to freeze up. So what can a Pisces mom learn from this? Plan! Pisces mamas, you are wise. You know things. Make a plan, come up with solutions, and take that step outside the box, for the sake of your own children.

10 Aries - The Pros And Cons Of Being Confident

These moms born between March 21 and April 19, like things to be their way. Aries moms have some great qualities - they are strong willed, courageous, confident, and honest. However, one thing they can learn about motherhood, is that sometimes these positive qualities can come back to bite them in the butt.

Because Aries moms can be so incredibly confident, they often push their children to be the same way. This is all fine and dandy, except that Aries mamas have a hard time bending to other’s perspectives, including their own children. These moms under this Zodiac sign need to learn that just because they think they are right and fully confident, does not always mean they are. Time to look at things in a new light, sometimes, at least.

9 Taurus - How Nice Is Too Nice?

Taurus moms, born between April 20 and May 20, are the angels of all mamas. They are super sweet and nice. They are the moms we all feel totally comfortable around. However, when it comes to the Zodiac, there is a harsh truth that these Taurus mothers need to learn from. Their niceness may not be too good after all.

We all know there is such a thing as being too nice. When it comes to being a parent, we cannot always be our kid’s best friend. Taurus moms want this. They often give their kids anything and everything they want. That is not a good thing. Taurus moms need to learn when to discipline and maybe not be so nice. Sure, it sucks, but it is a reality. Don’t spoil your kids Taurus mommies!

8 Gemini - TMI, Mom!

Moms born under the Gemini Zodiac sign, May 21 through June 20, often have a wonderfully open relationship with their children. This has so many plusses, as their kids often feel like they can share anything with their mom. That is great, but there is also a downside to being so open.

Gemini moms can learn a harsh reality through the Zodiac sign. They need to remember that sometimes, too much information can be, well, too much! It is time to scale back a bit, Gemini mamas. Also, Gemini moms often have a two-faced approach to things. Knowing this fact can help Gemini moms realize that there are always two sides to a story. Keep in mind, Gemini moms, that your kids may not realize which version of their mom they are going to get!

7 Cancer - Mom Of The Year?

Cancer mothers are the ones that every kid needs. These mamas born between June 21 and July 22 are the nurturers, and not for nothing, the moms that will make the best Grandmas one day! They love to care for sick children, bake cookies, make everything spic and span, and just love their little ones to death.

That sounds amazing. So what harsh truth do Cancer moms have to learn from their Zodiac sign? Well, Cancer mamas, we know that you sometimes feel insecure. We also know that sometimes you like to use your motherly instincts to manipulate situations. Know, and learn, that not everything needs to be picture perfect. You are a fantastic mother. Try to not feel the need to earn that mom of the year title, you already have it!

6 Leo - Your Kids Are A Reflection Of You

Okay Leo moms, you are actually pretty amazing. Leo mamas, born between July 22 and August 22, really channel their inner child. Leos love to have fun, they are funny, curious, outgoing, and are often the life of the party. Sounds like a pretty cool kind of mom to us!

Well, unfortunately, there is something to learn from being a Leo. When it comes to motherhood, Leo mamas see their little ones as their tiny clones. They are them. Their kids are not individuals, but instead, are a reflection of their mother. Leo mamas, let your kids be who they are. Keep having fun, but always remember your kids will have their own personalities, likes, dislikes, and more. Try to step away from yourself for one moment, and find out more about your child, as a person.

5 Virgo - All Work And No Play Makes Mama Cray-Cray

These moms, born between August 23 and September 22, are perfectionists, to say the least. Really, if there was a level beyond perfection, Virgo mamas would be there. Childhood can be kind of miserable when you have a mom who has an immense need to make everything absolutely perfect.

Virgo mamas need to let loose. They need to stop working, cleaning, making their house into a museum, and expecting their kids to do the same. They need to take some time to play with their kids, and not worry about whatever mess might be made. Messes can always be cleaned up. Memories need to be made. Give your kids a happy childhood but dialing back that perfection button. It may be hard to do it, we know that Virgo moms, but if you start thinking about priorities, you may find yourself eager to make a mess!

4 Libra - Go Eat Some Worms

Libra moms, born between September 23 and October 22, have a quality about them that is not too wonderful. Libras are notoriously filled with self pity. They look at relationships under a microscope and are constantly analyzing every interaction they have. This includes their children, as well. They may start thinking their kids hate them, and that no one likes them (so they ought to eat some worms, right?).

The thing is, Libra mommies, you are usually very pleasant to be around. You are peaceful, social, and often are a good friend. But you are so filled with self pity, you cannot see how wonderful of a friend, partner, and especially, a mother, that you truly are. Try to remember this. Your kids will always love you, even when it seems like they don’t (and there will be lots of days like that!).

3 Scorpio - The Nails Are Out

Oh, Scorpio moms. You are really all over the place, aren’t you? These mamas, born between October 23 and November 21, are well rounded in a misfit, horror film kind of way. Scorpio moms have amazing qualities, and then qualities that will make everyone want to run out of the house.

Let’s start with the positives. As a Scorpio, you are very intuitive, brave, and passionate. As for the negatives, the stereotype of a Scorpio are true, even when it comes to motherhood. Scorpios are jealous, like to fight, and can be very impulsive. But, no worries, Scorpio mamas, you can learn from your Zodiac sign! As soon as you feel like you are about to explode at your kids, take a breather. If your kids do something wrong, try to sit down and think over a punishment, instead of impulsively taking away every single toy.

2 Sagittarius - Rule Breaker

These moms, born between November 22 and December 21, are fun of energy. Maybe too much energy, in fact. Sagittarius mamas, you can easily wear down your kids. While you love to have fun and be spontaneous, kids also need some structure, as well.

The thing with Sagittarius moms is that they want their kids to experience the world. That is awesome, it really is. But there is a time, and a place for it. You cannot just be driving your kids to school and suddenly decide to take a walk through the forest or head down to the beach instead. The thing that Sagittarius moms can learn through their Zodiac sign, is that planning is key. Give your kids every experience imaginable, but plan it. Make priorities, and scale back on spontaneity (not totally, just a bit!).

1 Capricorn - The Queen

Capricorn moms, born between December 22 and January 19, are the queens of the Zodiac kingdom. These mamas are crazy loyal and will fight to the death for their kids. They will really do anything in their power to guarantee their children are safe and happy.

The only problem, Capricorn mommies, is that you are always waiting for the worst to happen! You have trouble living in the now, and you are always on guard. This is a harsh truth to learn from when it comes to motherhood. Not everything needs you to stand up and make it better, sometimes things are just fine as they are. Instead, enjoy the moments. Do not lie in wait ready to pounce to protect your young. Go ahead and continue being an amazing queen, but also step back and just enjoy your family.

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