Hawaiian Doctor Is Ready To Celebrate After Delivering 10,000 Babies

An Obstetrician in Hawaii has delivered over 10,000 babies to date, and he’s still doing the work he loves.

Dr. Thomas Kosasa has practiced obstetrics and gynecology for over 50 years, and he’s been keeping track of the number of babies delivered all this time. The proud doctor posts the number of births he's handled up in his office. But Dr. Kosasa is more than just a doctor, he's an all-around exemplary human being.

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Kosasa began his practice in 1967, and the exact number of babies he has delivered so far is 10,048. This number even includes Hawaii's first test tube baby, born in 1985. The obstetrician simply adores the work he does, and describes the experience of bringing new life into the world as, "very special".

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The passionate obstetrician has used his other talents and interests to support his practice. As a licensed pilot, and Kosasa put this hobby to work in his professional life. He created a medical transport service for laboring women who needed to get to Oahu for their hospital delivery from other islands. The doctor flew the planes while also overseeing the labor himself.

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Dr. Kosasa is not only an accomplished doctor but he also has an interesting personal history. While he was completing medical school, he drove dragsters and won auto races. He was quite the successful racer, winning all of his races in the Northeast sector behind the wheel of his Corvette, which he nicknamed "The Hawaiian Punch".

Any woman going through labor and delivery under the care of Dr. Kosasa would feel certain that she is in good hands. Expectant mother Brianne Randal is one of Kosasa's patients, and he's already delivered her firstborn. Randal describes the doctor as "just amazing". After all, he's so talented and passionate about what he does, and he clearly has plenty of experience! Congratulation Doctor!

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