Haylie Duff, Sister Of Hilary Duff, Is Now Mother To Two Daughters

Haylie Duff, Sister Of Hilary Duff, Is Now Mother To Two Daughters

Hilary Duff’s older sister is now the sweet momma of two daughters.

We’re sure you know about Hilary Duff, but you are probably less familiar with her older sister, Haylie. That is, unless you watch a lot of made-for-TV movies, in which case you are most likely intimately familiar with Haylie. Where Hilary gets the big blockbusters, Haylie keeps things on the level with TV. It’s a far more predictable income, which is great, especially when you’ve got mouths to feed.

Which Haylie does--two of them now, in fact! Haylie did the big reveal on Instagram early Thursday morning by posting a photo of her first daughter, Ryan Eva Erhard, holding her newborn baby sister while wearing a tiara and an enormous grin.


Of course, one post isn’t enough for a new mom. A few hours later, Duff returned to Instagram with a more candid and personal view of little Lulu all snug as a bug.

Couldn’t love her more. 🌼 #LuluGray

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"Couldn’t love her more,” the second-time new mom admitted.

Duff revealed her pregnancy last January with yet another post to her Instagram page with her pointing at her belly. This happy news having come several years after the birth of Ryan, and almost four years after getting engaged to her fiancé, Matt Rosenberg.

A four-year engagement seems like a pretty long time, but apparently it’s just been something the couple keeps forgetting about with the addition of each new family member. "We feel married already and it hasn't become something that both of us are gung-ho about," Duff told People in February. "Maybe after the craziness of a new baby dies down we'll be ready to talk about it again."

With Lulu actually here and doing well, maybe it’s time to actually set a date? Just a thought.

In the meantime, we cannot wait to see more photos of Haylie's two little ones. They are extremely adorable!

You can catch Haylie in her latest film, Deadly Delusion, sometime on TV. Check your local listings. Maybe it’s on Netflix? We're certainly keeping our eyes on the channels for it!


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