This Heartwarming Video Of A 4 Month Old Baby Will Make You Smile

A YouTube video from 5 years ago has recently begun to show up on YouTube feeds to randomly delight viewers with an extreme dose of musical sweetness.

Back on June 8th, 2014, a YouTuber with the username "John Cooksey" uploaded a video that's over twi minutes entitled "4 Month Old Baby Tries To Sing To Karen Carpenter Song, Melts Hearts." Even though this video was uploaded to the popular streaming site around five years ago, the short clip is just now starting to gain momentum.

As of now, the video has 53 369 views- but the number keeps growing even now! The video description states, "Doug came by to teach me some chords for a song, Annie had started singing along a song by Karen Carpenter, I know I need to be in love. 4 month old son Alder then tried to sing too. So I grabbed a nearby camera. Thanks to Lisa for bringing him over. What a cutie - John."


YouTube/John Cooksey

But don't take our word for how sweet this video is! Do yourself a favor and check it out sooner than later. You'll see that when Annie begins to sing the lyrics to I Need To Be In Love by The Carpenters, baby Alder's face immediately brightens. The little cutie can't seem to stop smiling at her as she sings to him in her eat-in kitchen.

Baby Alder may have been sitting in a car seat on a kitchen table; but from the look on his face, you might have thought that he was sitting front row seat to the concert of the year. The singer, Annie, has a great voice, and it obviously connected with this tiny baby in a big way. He's so moved that he tries his best to imitate Annie by pursing his little lips and lifting his head up, almost like he's singing as well.

YouTube/John Cooksey


We only find out at the end of the video that the music accompanying Annie's lyrics is coming from a piano in the next room, apparently played by the baby's father. We can only imagine how hard it must have been for Annie to maintain her composure and get through the whole song while seeing 4-month-old Alder try to sing along with her.

Now that Alder must be a kindergartener, we have to wonder if his love for music has grown over the years. Regardless, we're just happy to know that now he can sing if he wants to!

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