Heidi Montag Loves Showing Off Her “Mom Bod”

Heidi Montag loves showing off her “mom bod” and reveals she no longer has any need for more plastic surgery.

Heidi Montag was in for a bit of surprise when her pregnancy weight gain exceeded what she had anticipated. Montag and husband Spencer Pratt welcomed a baby boy, Gunner Pratt, on October 1, 2017 and are over the moon excited about their “healthy baby boy.” The former Hills reality star claimed she expected to gain around 20 or 30 pounds during her pregnancy, but was “gained over 45.”


The star spoke with Us Weekly earlier last week about her post-pregnancy body and how it felt to wear non-maternity clothing. “It was very exciting,” the new mom told Us about slipping into her a pair of jeans that weren’t maternity. “It made me realize I’d lost a lot of weight,” Montag said.

Montag made major headlines in 2010 after undergoing up to 10 surgical procedures at once to alter her appearance. The star admitted in the past to regretting a lot of the plastic surgery she had done and tells Us how “having a baby has made me really appreciate my body, not just how it looks. It’s just amazing, the human body,” Heidi stated.

Now that her priorities have changed, and Montag is set on focusing on motherhood, she revealed, “I have no temptation to have any kind of surgery after having a baby.” She continued, “I want to breastfeed and have my breasts for that.”


Although the temptation isn’t there right now, the star reveals that she doesn’t know what the future holds. “Maybe I would get my boobs done after all the kids we have. But I might just be over that phase of my life,” she mused.

The MTV star also mentioned her admiration for her body and its capabilities. She mentioned her favorite part of her body is now her stomach. “Since I’ve just had a baby in there, it’s more meaningful to me. It’s fun to show off my mom bod, the tiger stripes,” she revealed.

And we must admit, she does look phenomenal! We’re glad the happy couple is adjusting to parenthood and enjoying their time with their son Gunner.

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