10 Ways To Help Your Partner Prepare For Fatherhood

People always say that once a woman finds out she is pregnant she is ready to become a mother and meet her baby, men, on the other hand, have to wait until they hold their child for the first time to really feel ready for fatherhood. But having your partner feel stressed out during your pregnancy is not good for them or for you.

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There are little ways that you can help your partner prepare for fatherhood even before the baby arrives to make him feel more connected and calmer about the situation. So keep reading to discover ten ways you can help your partner prepare for fatherhood.

10 Buy Some Books

Sometimes one of the best things to do to make a person feel more confident about a subject is to read up on it. There are hundreds of parenting books out there for people to read, but you do not want to overwhelm your partner.

Instead, pick up some dad specific books that talk all about fatherhood so he can start picture what his life is going to be like. But remember partnering books are not written in stone for a reason, just encourage him to find his own way through them.

9 Send Him On A Guys Weekend With His Dad And Father-In-Law

If you want your partner to feel like he is really prepared when it comes to fatherhood then you need to send him to the two men that raised you two! Have your partner spend a weekend with his dad and father-in-law so they can share their stories and tips when it comes to raising kids.

When you were little it might have seemed like your dad had it all figured out, but they might share they were as nervous as your partner is right now. Let him enjoy a dad weekend he will surely come home feeling good.

8 Get Him Involved With Preparing The Nursery

You might be the type of person that has spent hours scrolling through Pinterest to create a dream nursery you want to create for your baby, but without even realizing it you might be making your partner feel like they do not have a say at all when it comes to their child.

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So make sure you get your partner involved with preparing the nursery. Together pick out a theme and colors you want and make sure he knows where everything is going to be so he can be independent with the baby!

7 Teach Them More About Everyday House Chores

Okay, right now you are thinking this is a silly thing to put on the list for how to prepare your partner for fatherhood, but just listen to us. Once your baby is born you are going to be spending a lot of time with them especially if you are breastfeeding.

But your partner wants to feel like he is helping out and a great way for him to help out with the house. This will make him feel like he is being productive and not just sitting around wasting time.

6 Have Him Watch YouTube Videos From Other Fathers

Some people feel their best learning when they can see things done face either face to face or in a video. Luckily YouTube has a great community that your partner can watch of other dads talking about their lives and how fatherhood has changed them.

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Hearing stores from so many different fathers can really change how they are looking at this pregnancy and fatherhood in general. So create a playlist that your partner can watch when he is feeling down and it will surely give him the pep talk they need.

5 Spend More Time Together

Once your baby arrives, your life is going to be completely different and that quality alone time that you have grown to love with your partner is going to end. Make sure you are spending time together before the baby arrives.

We know that not thinking about names or the nursery might be hard at first, but it was your love that made this baby and you want to make sure you keep the spark alive. Also, sometimes to feel relaxed the best thing you can do is just be with the person who makes you feel the most comfortable.

4 Have Him Join Social Media Groups For Fathers

Social media is an amazing thing with so many platforms that allows people from all over the world to connect over common interests. Getting your partner to join a social media group for fathers is a perfect way to prepare him for fatherhood.

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There are going to be people just like him as they wait for their baby to arrive to experienced fathers with multiple kids in these groups. So if your partner is feeling unsure about something he will have a group of people to turn to to get advice from.

3 Start The Bonding Process With Him And His Child Will You Are Still Pregnant

When you are carrying your child you feel instantly bonded to them since you are the only thing protecting them from the outside world. Your partner on the other hand does not have this special connection that only a mom-to-be feels. So you need to make sure you are going out of your way to get your partner to start bonding with the child.

Put up pictures of the ultrasound on the fridge so he can see what he created. Even try to get him to put his hand on your stomach when your baby is kicking so he can start bonding with his child while you are still pregnant.

2 Take A Parenting Class

When someone doesn’t know how to do something the best thing for them to do is to take the time and learn ho and both of you taking a parenting class can give your partner the confidence they need. Partnering class is great for new parents who do not have a lot of experience with a baby.

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These classes will teach you how to hold them, change them, and other great useful tools you will need when your little one cannot communicate what they need. Look online to see when there is going to be a parenting class open near you.

1 Remind Him You Are In It Together

The best part of your partner wanting to feel more prepared for your baby is that they are interested in being the best they can be for you two. Take the time to remind him that you are there for him too.

Parenting is not going to be easy, but when you have someone you can rely on it makes the whole experience easier and more enjoyable. Reminding your partner you guys are in it together can calm him down since you know you have his back.

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