10 Helpful Hints For Choosing Your Baby's Name

Choosing the perfect baby name for your soon-to-arrive little one can oftentimes be more stressful than it needs to be. Choosing a baby name should be a fun and memorable time for the parents-to-be. It is understandable why picking a name can be so challenging, but it really doesn’t have to be.

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Sometimes all it takes is a few helpful tips to set parents off in the right direction. If moms and dads are looking for some important tips to help them choose the right name for their baby boy or girl, look no further! Continue reading to see 10 helpful tips for choosing your baby’s name!

10 Look Up The Meaning To Names You're Interested In

After you choose a few names that interest you, be sure to always look up the meaning to each name. Varying sites will have sometimes have different meanings, so don’t just utilize one single site. You can search the Internet and try to look for at least three different sites to see if they have similar meanings for the name in question.

This is especially important to do for parents who want to choose a name based on a specific meaning. Also, if you are looking for a baby name with a specific meaning you can search specifically for names that have that meaning by searching, “Names that mean strong,” or whatever meaning you are trying to find.

9 Think About Possible Nicknames

Many parents will shorten their child’s name to form some kind of a nickname for their child that may be easier or more convenient to say than saying their full name all the time. As an example: for a name like Samantha, the parents may call their daughter Sam or Sammy for short.

When choosing your child’s name, it may be a good idea to think about all the possible nicknames that you could use for your little one. Some parents even choose their child’s name because they adore the nicknames as well as the full name.

8 Look At Alternate Spellings If You Want Something A Bit More Unique

Some parents want a traditional or more common name with a bit of flair to it. As an example, for the traditional and commonly used name Michael, a parent could switch up the spelling and spell it Mykell instead or Christina could be spelled Krystina.

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It adds a bit of uniqueness to common names and can make them stand out from the crowd if that is something you are looking for. When choosing a name, you can search for all different types of spelling variations for the name in question. You may be surprised at what you find.

7 Think About Whether Or Not You Want A Middle Name

Sometimes moms and dads may disagree about what to name their child or they may both have a name that they have been longing to give to their little one. In those instances, it may be a good idea to choose a middle name for your child. This way both parents can have some input. Mom may choose the first name while dad chooses the middle name.

Sometimes there are family names that you’d like to pass along to your child as well. It would be a good idea to decided whether or not you want to give your baby a middle name before even choosing a name. Plus, with a middle name, when your child gets older they can choose if they want to be called by their first name or their middle name! Options are always a good thing when it comes to children.

6 Consider The Initials

When picking a name for your baby, it may be a good idea to also think about what the initials may spell out. As an example, say a child’s name is Allison Stephanie Snyder -- that would make for some pretty bad initialing right there.

When kids are young, they tend to pick on each other and they may run around calling someone with those initials by those initials. While some parents may find it a bit amusing, the child may not feel the same way; especially as they get older.

5 Say It Out Loud

A good way to get a feel for potential names for your soon-to-arrive little one would be to say the names you like or are considering out loud and see how they actually sound. Don’t just say the first names out loud either; try saying the potential full name out loud. Try it out and see if you like the way it sounds.

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Some names may look good written down but may not hit the ear right when spoken. As an example, a name like Clay Brayden Brians may look good written out but it just doesn’t hit the ear the way some people may want it to and it may sound like a mouth full.

4 Don’t Go With Passing Trends

Some names are around and are popular for years to come, while other names seem to briefly pass through as a popular yet passing trend.

Sometimes, it may be a good idea to avoid passing trends because you may like the name and the way it sounds now, but will you -- and your child -- like it 10 or even 20 years from now? That is always something to consider when choosing a name for your precious baby girl or boy.

3 Look Up Pronunciations

When choosing a name for your little guy or gal, it may be an excellent idea to look up the way it’s commonly pronounced when possible. There are some names that people often pronounce wrong when naming their child and the parents may be the only ones who know what the name is actually supposed to sound like.

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This can be especially true for the more unique and one of a kind names. Even names like Kyra or Eva can be commonly mispronounced. Getting the spelling and pronunciation in sync can make things a bit easier, especially once the child starts their schooling.

2 Think About Your Ancestry

Many parents want to keep certain names in the family and looking toward your family tree and ancestry can sometimes be a starting point when choosing a name for your child. As an example, some families may have the name “Ann” somewhere in their children’s names on the female side of their family because their parents, grandparents, and possibly even great grandparents did it.

So, a parent may want to think of first names or middle names that contain the name Ann in it such as Joann, Annie, or even Anna. It can be a way to keep family traditions going or it can also be a way to memorialize a family member who has passed away.

1 Consider Origins

Sometimes the origin makes no difference for a parent as long as they like the name they are choosing for their child, while other times the origin of a name may be a very important factor. Try to consider and think about whether the origin is important to you. If not, then that is perfectly fine. If it is, you can actually do an internet search for baby names that have a specific origin such as Latin, Irish, or German.

You can make your search even more specific if you know a bit more of what you are looking for such as names that start with an “A.”

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