7Preparing Your Child for a New Baby

After finding out your family is on the grow, you may wonder when you should tell baby’s siblings that you are expecting. This is an extremely personal decision, but a rule of thumb is to tell your children when you tell friends and extended family.

You definitely don’t want your

child to piece the information together on his or her own. You want to make sure that everyone is as involved as possible to help your family bond with baby from the very beginning.

Some families choose to get creative with how they tell siblings about a new little one. Pinterest has tons of fun ideas to make a pregnancy announcement memorable for everyone.

Look for a cute way to get the word out about your new addition on social media that involves baby’s siblings. Again, Pinterest has great ideas that are fun and will provide a keepsake for the entire family.

The more that you involve your child in the pregnancy, there is less chance he or she won’t feel left out of this new adventure.

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