Why You Should Think Twice About Taking Herbal Supplements While Pregnant

These days, more and more women are taking herbal supplements while pregnant. But is this really the best route? Could these supplements be a little more questionable than many women realize? Whenever you're about to take a new supplement for the first time, it's important to do your research and figure out if there are any risks. But with herbal medicines, there might not be medically evaluated information out there for you to read over. And because of this uncertainty, many doctors are now recommending that pregnant women be very careful when taking herbal supplements.

According to a maternity doctor who was recently quoted by the Globe And Mailherbal supplements don't undergo the same rigorous testing and research that other medicines benefit from. Because mainstream medicine deals mostly with over-the-counter and prescription medicine, herbal supplements are not studied to the same extent. This means that when you're dealing with herbal supplements, you can never be quite sure of the effects on your body.


According to the Globe And Mail, most doctors agree that pregnant mothers are able to get all of the most essential nutrients from simply eating a healthy diet. If you're really careful about what you eat, supplements shouldn't be seen as a mandatory addition to your pregnancy plan. These essential nutrients include things like folate, iron, and B12. Some of these are essential for important parts of your baby's growth during pregnancy - such as brain development. This might explain why some pregnant mothers are so eager to use herbal supplements.

But which herbal supplements cause the most problems? One example is Blue Cohosh, which has been linked to heart problems in newborn babies. Another example is Agnus Castus, which might even cause mothers to lose the baby. This is caused by the plant's estrogen-mimicking properties. It's important to note that these are only a few examples of plants which we know cause problems. The biggest danger when it comes to herbal supplements is the fact that there are tons of plants out there whose ill effects are totally unknown.


However, most doctors are quick to point out that not all herbal supplements are bad. There are plenty of women out there who have experienced amazing effects as a result of using herbal supplements. Many herbal supplements have been used to treat various conditions and illnesses related to pregnancy, making the process easier to bear. But at the end of the day, professional doctors just don't know enough about herbal supplements to recommend them. According to them, it's not worth the risk.

These days, it seems like more and more women are turning towards organic and all-natural solutions. On the surface, this seems like a positive thing. But if we look deeper, we might discover that certain supplements are more harmful than they seem. Just because a medicine is made from a plant, that doesn't automatically make it safe to use.

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