Here Is What Everyone Will Be Naming Their Babies In 2019

Hearty congratulations to the ladies who are expecting the newest addition to the family. Pregnancy is one of the amazing phases in a woman’s life. It is the phase when a woman transforms from a carefree lady or career-oriented woman to a loving and caring mother. This amazing phase in a woman’s life can be daunting due to various facts, especially since, as the popular saying goes,When a child is born, the mother is also born. The woman existed, the mother never.” 

Among the several, one of the major factors is the confusion regarding naming the newborn. We all know how important a ‘name’ is. In fact, it's hard to justify or agree with Shakespeare's questioning, "What is there in a name?"

For us, the name is something our child carries their entire life. Through good and bad, his name will be remembered and who knows whether his or her name is going to be written in the golden pages of history? Whatever, a lot of effort and thought goes into naming a baby. So here we have come up with a list of 15 names that predominantly going to be used by parents in the coming year 2019. Have a look!

20 Ava

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As a Latin baby name, Ava is a variation of the Hebrew name ‘Eve’. According to the Bible, Eve is the first woman God created and is the wife of Adam. Ava might have originated from the Latin word ‘Avis’ meaning bird. It could also be an abbreviation of ‘Chava’ meaning ‘the living one’.

As per the information published on BabyCenter, this name ranks #3 in popularity for 2018. The famous name bearer is none other than the popular American actress and singer Ava Gardner who was the synonym of beauty outside and inside. A sweet and cute name for your lovely baby girl, isn’t it?

19 Mia

This is a very interesting name and adorable too. Why? Because in German, this name means, “We are who we are”. In Latin, this name is commonly used as ‘wished for the child’ but also has the meaning ‘rebellion’ and ‘bitter’. In Dutch and Scandinavian tradition, this name is considered as an abbreviation of the name ‘Maria’. It's also common in both Spanish and non-Spanish cultures too.

According to She Knows, people with this name are excited by change and adventure. They are dynamic in nature, visionaries and versatile who are able to make constructive use of freedom. What else you need in your baby girl?

18 Zoey

Zoey is a Greek baby name and the meaning of this name is ‘Life’. This is actually a re-spelling of the original name ‘Zoe’ which has been in use since ancient Roman times. It has been a widely used name in recent times and its ranking is #26 in the year 2018, which is not that bad! Zoey has picked up its popularity by around 1995 and there was no looking back since then.

As per She Knows, people with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters. Lovely!

17 Emma

Emma is my personal favorite --not only because my daughter has the same name-- but also because of its meaning. This name is originated from the Germanic name ‘ermen’ which means ‘the whole’ or ‘universal’. It is also considered as the diminutive of the names Amelia, Emmeline etc. Generally speaking, any name starting with ‘em’ can be shortened to ‘emma’ for the ease of use.

According to the Urban Dictionary, this name could be used for an artistic, independent girl. Emmas are said to stand up for themselves and never expect any favors from anyone in her life. Independent Emma! She would also never cease a debate until she has made her point. Strong Emma!

16 Sophia

Sophia is a sensuous-sounding name with a high-minded meaning. It's a very feminine name and is considered an antique. Greek in origin, the name stands for ‘wisdom’ or ‘skill’, meaning even intellectual parents will love this name. This name was very common among royals and by the 17th century, it was very much acclaimed and common among the general public as well.

According to Nameberry, this name was consistently ranked #1 from the year 2011 to 2013. In 2017, it is ranked #5. This means ‘Sophia’ is going to stay and parents are never going to abandon this name. One of the famous name bearers is the legendary actress Sophia Loren.

15 Olivia

Olivia is yet another feminine name that is ever-loved by parents and is going to be in wide use for the year 2019. This name probably has an origin from the Latin name ‘Olive’ and is the male version of this name is Oliver. The common nicknames for this name are ‘Liv’ and ‘Livvy’ as per Wikipedia's records.

This name is ranked #2 in the popularity charts, according to Nameberry. By all means, Olivia is an antique name, which has been popped up and got back in full swing. William Shakespeare invented ‘Olivia’ by naming the character of a noblewoman in his play ‘Twelfth night’ with this name. English-Australian singer Olivia Newton-John is a famous name bearer as well.

14 Harper

Though Harper is considered a unisex name, traditionally it has been used only for boys. In the United States, there are many girls with this name as well. It works fine for both the genders. In olden times this name was mainly used as a last name for someone who plays the musical instrument, Harp. Scottish, Irish and English origin can be claimed for this name as this name was popular in all these regions in the olden times.

This popular name has ranked #9 in the popularity charts for the year 2018 as per BabyCenter. One of the famous Harper is Harper Lee, the author of the classic, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

13 Isabella

This name is often confused about its origin. The reason is England, France, portugal, Hungary all had ‘Isabellas’ in their royal lineage and this name is seen in Latin and Scottish region too. It is a variation of the english name ‘Elizabeth’ meaning ‘devoted to God’.

As per All Parenting, the name Isabella is of Spanish origin and means ‘My god is bountiful’ or ‘God of plenty’. A divine name praising God! Izzy, Bella, Izzie etc. are some of the nicknames for this name. This name was ranked #4 in the popularity charts for the year 2018. As the name is not a fad, it will continue its reign in the coming year too.

12 Evelyn

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Though this name is not very common for boys nowadays, Evelyn is considered as a unisex name. When it was first used in 17th-century this name was predominantly used for boys. It has an English origin and was commonly used as both first name and surname. The name originally derived from a Norman French surname ‘Aveline’ and it means hazelnut.

Eve, Evvy, Lynn are some of the nicknames associated with this name. In English, the name means, ‘beautiful bird’. Currently, the name ranks #7 in U.S births as per BabyNames.com. Evelyn Waugh, the writer, is one of the famous name bearers.

11 Charlotte

Charlotte is a female name of French origin and is dated back to the fourteenth century. The meaning of the word is ‘free man’ or ‘petite’. This is the female version of the male name Charlot which itself is the diminutive or a variation of the original name, ‘Charles’. Unlike many other names ‘Charlotte’ has very few variations and those are peculiar. Charlie, Lotte, Lottie, Carlotta, and Carlota are different nicknames for this name but that won't suit everyone.

This name is a favorite among parents since it is feminine, matured and lush. Charlotte has ranked #7 in the popularity charts for the year 2017.

10 Jaxon

Jaxon is a very popular respelling of the original name ‘Jackson’ where both the names have an English origin. If we trace back to the history, the name Jackson refers to ‘son of Jack’ and the name Jack itself is a nickname for the name John. John inturn has originated from the Hebrew name “Yôḥanan” meaning 'God is gracious.'

A diminutive form of the name is ‘Jax’. Adding ‘x’ in the name gives this name a cuteness though its is less refined. As per the popularity rating by BabyCenter, this name has a safe position in #38 and is consistent in its ranking.

9 Lyle

Lyle is a baby boy name of Scottish and Norman origin. It is derived from the Old French, Middle English word ‘isle’ meaning island. L'Isle means ‘dweller on the isle’. So Lyle is the topographic name for a person who lived on an island.

Lyle is also used for girls in America. Lylo, Lye-Lye are cute nicknames for the girls though I wouldn’t recommend the same for boys. Lyle Lettau O'Donohoe is Canadian actor who portrayed Tristan Milligan in the second part of Season 11 of Degrassi. The first recorded use of Lyle is as a surname appeared is as early as 1086 though Lyle became more popular as a masculine forename several centuries later. It started gaining more interest in the 1800s, and is currently a popular name in the US.

8 Henry

This is a widely used name as shown in Babynamespedia.com. Henry has 97 variants that are used in English and other languages; some of the variants include Anrai, Einri, Enrique (used in Spanish as well), Enzo (used in Italian too), Hagan, Harro, Hawkins (also used in German).

This two-syllable masculine name is pronounced Hen-Ree, is an English name of Germanic origin and has this meaning of a "house owner" or "lord of the manor". There are two elements of this name: "heim" meaning "home, homeland" and "ric" meaning "rich, powerful, ruler". Some older forms of this name in Germanic are Heimerich and Heimrich. This name was a favourite for the royals from Britain and France. Henry is a very popular name for boys and is also considered quite trendy.

7 Oliver

Oliver is a baby boy name which has an English origin. The meaning of this name is ‘olive tree’. Though sounds simple, the olive tree has real magnifying implications in the Bible. It often refers to fertility, beauty and dignity. Offering an olive branch is always considered as an act of offering peace.

As per behindthenames.com, though this name was rare after the 17th century, it made a grand re-entry due to the title character in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. The story was about a poor orphan boy trying to meet his ends in the streets of London. And you know, the name ranked #3 in the popularity charts of 2018.

6 John

This name is timeless," claims Parenting.com about the evergreen name John! And rightly so as this trendy name still remains one of the most sought after name over centuries. From Presidents, to Pope and pop stars, John represents someone serious, solid, dependable and wise. It is a masculine name of Hebrew origin which means ‘God is gracious’.

John is mainly used in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hebrew, and Biblic. It is pronounced Jahn (American English) or Jawn (British English). This name owes its popularity to two New Testament characters; the first was John the Baptist and the second is the Apostle John.

5 Ayden

American parents are fond of reforming a name. They love to respell it and give it a nice unique flavour. Ayden is such a name. It is the Americanized version of the Irish name ‘Aidan’. Aidan stands for ‘little fire’. One of the diminutives of this name is Aed. As per Irish mythology, Aed is the God of fire and God of the underworld.

As per ohbabynames.com, this name is so red-hot and if you are a true lover of the Irish tradition or a true celtic admirer, then only you stick with the name Aidan, or else go with the new conventions to make your child stand out from the crowd.

4 Paul

Paul is a one syllable baby boys name is pronounced PAWL in English and French and POWL in German. It is predominantly used in the Dutch, German, English and French languages and is derived from Latin origins.

Paul is a Biblical name that is derived from the element ‘paulus’ which means little humble in Latin. Falling slightly from its perch atop the popularity list in between 1950’s and the 1960’s, Paul is still a classic-solid, strong and smart. If you happen to be a beetle fan, Paul will always be that ‘extra’ special.

3 Elijah

Name is derived from the hebrew name ‘Eliyyahu’ meaning ‘My God is Yahweh’. Elijah - this name is adorned by the powerful prophet and miracle worker of the 9th century BC. He is seen in the two books of Kings in the Old Testament. He was active during the reign of King Ahab. In the New Testament when Jesus transfigured he was shown next to Moses.

The Latin form of the name is ‘Elias’. Though this antique name died out in the 16th century, it got revived after the Protestant Reformation. After that, the popularity of the name got skyrocketed. Currently, in the year 2018, Elijah is ranked #8 as per the popularity charts of 2017.

2 Robert

Robert is a 2 syllable masculine name with different pronunciations like RAHB-ert (American English), RAWB-et (British English), RAW-BER (French), RO-bert (German, Czech). Its usage is in English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Russian, Slovene, Croatian, Romanian and ancient Germanic.

Robert comes from the German name Hrodebert that means ‘bright fame’ and is derived from Germanic elements hrod ‘fame’ and beraht ‘bright’. Robert is still a classic favourite, having held on to its popularity from the early 1900’s. It had a more widespread usage especially in the 1930’s wherein he was placed at #1 to its more recent ranking of #61 in 2016. This widely used name has around 75 variants in different languages.

1 Lucas

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‘Lukas’, ‘Loukas’  and names like it are all names that sound similar but are of different origin. Lucas is Latin, whereas Lukas is German and Loukas is Greek. The root word meaning is ‘the man from Lucania’. Lucania is an ancient district in Southern Italy.

Lucania is often related to the meaning ‘shining’ and ‘light’, according to Ancestry. Meanwhile, Lucas means the ‘bringer of light’. What a thoughtful an exuberant name!

The name is quite popular among baby boy names and was ranked #11 in the popularity charts for the year 2017 according to Nameberry. The name is an international hit and currently a trend in Sweden and Netherlands too.

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