Here's 20 Little Ways Mom Is Not Ready For Childbirth

Once moms get over the excitement of finding out that they are expecting a baby, they need to start preparing for the arrival of their little one in the span of nine months. There is a lot that a mom—together with her partner—needs to do before the baby comes. Although most moms think that nine months is a long time, it can fly by and appear as if it were just a few weeks.

First-time moms are arguably the most excited soon-to-be moms out there, since they are usually going through pregnancy for the first time, and none of them ever want to mess up their pregnancy. However, there's a big chance that first-timers are likely to be the least prepared; the more experienced moms often fall into the trap of thinking that they've been there before, so they see no need for urgency.

Many things can lead to a mom feeling as if she is ill-prepared for the delivery, and it is normal to feel so. On the other hand, the women who end up worrying too much do so for no gain, so even doing everything in the first month is not the best way to go about it.

However, here are 20 little ways a mom can surely know she's not ready for childbirth a few days or weeks before the delivery.

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20 She’s Yet To Pack Her Bags

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If mom is getting closer to her due date and her hospital bag is not yet packed, she might not be ready to have the baby. Moms should prepare so much before the arrival of the little one since they sometimes tend to wait until the very last minute to do so.

According to BabyCenter, packing the hospital bag early enough is very important, it even gives mom peace of mind knowing that they have done it. The last thing mom needs to worry about is whether she packed a toothbrush while waiting out a contraction. Moms should ensure that they pack all essentials plus anything else that will make their hospital visit comfortable.

19 She Skipped The Whole Birth Plan

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A birth plan is a clear indication that mom is set for birth, so if she is a few weeks away from her due date and does not have one, she is not ready for childbirth. While some moms may hesitate to have a birth plan because either way, they will not have full control over the situation, it is important to have one.

A birth plan doesn't just cover the method mom prefers to give birth but also includes decisions on pain management, cord cutting, and episiotomies, as stated by TheBump. Having one also ensures that mom and doctor are on the same page.

18 She Ignored Those Hospital Tours

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Soon-to-be moms on their third trimester who are yet to start touring hospitals may not be ready for childbirth. This is usually one way of preparing for birth. There are many hospitals and birthing centers and sometimes mom can get confused about where to go. Touring makes the decision easier for them.

Depending on the doctor (and your body), you may not be able to have the birth you had in mind. Some women are fully capable of having a natural birth yet they'd prefer a C-section and vice versa. Be sure to find a hospital that will accommodate you and your body. Touring also helps curb any anxiety that the expectant mom might have, as claimed by Parents.

17 Her Nesting Has Not Kicked In Yet

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Nesting usually kicks in during the third trimester when mom begins cleaning, organizing, washing, and folding baby clothes in preparation for birth. If she is not doing so and her due date is fast approaching, then she is not ready for childbirth.

Just like animals, Babble points out that even moms feel the urge to get their nests ready for the baby. Nesting also sometimes can make moms do things that they would otherwise not do. A good example is a mom buying paint to cover scribbles on the walls of her house made by her other older kids that for the longest time have not been a bother to her.

16 Mom Hasn’t Shopped For Postpartum Undies Yet

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It is quite easy for moms to move too fast in this case but if mom is not shopping for maternity brassieres and inner wear then she might not be ready for birth. Many of them get away with wearing their pregnancy undies while pregnant but buying postpartum underwear is essential.

Rookiemoms points out that after birth mom will need maternity bras to help support the girls and offer easy access to the chest area when she wants to breastfeed. Postpartum underwear provides comfort, convenience, and style and this is why moms should ensure that they purchase them before giving birth.

15 Baby Essentials Are Missing

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Once a mother’s due date gets closer and closer, she has to start buying most of her baby’s essential items in preparation for the baby’s arrival. If she is not doing so then she is not ready for childbirth. Imagine a case scenario where mom has to stop over at the drug store to buy diapers just after discharge from the hospital.

Babies go through many diapers in just a day, therefore moms should ensure that they stock up on diapers before going to the hospital, as pointed out by Moms. Mom should also buy essentials such as wipes, bottles, and clothes in advance.

14 Baby’s Sleep Situation Is Yet To Be Sorted Out

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Before giving birth, most moms will identify an ideal location in their house probably a separate room or space in their own bedroom that the baby will be comfortable sleeping in. However, some moms who will not do this in good time and such moms are probably not ready for childbirth.

A soon-to-be mom needs to ensure all the baby gears and furniture is set up in the nursery beforehand. Everything should be well organized and easily assessable. As claimed by Moms, setting up the baby’s crib while the baby is on the scene is likely to go haywire. Not planning is planning to fall short.

13 Mommy Has No Post-Birth Essentials

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Moms should buy several post-birth essentials that she will definitely need after giving birth before the baby arrives. If mom has not stocked up on things like maternity pads and breast pads yet and her D-day is fast approaching, then she may not ready for childbirth.

Some mothers may procrastinate buying such essentials because some hospitals provide them but at times, the quality might not be the best. Moms may also need more stock than what the hospital is offering, as pointed out by BabyCenter. There are those soon-to-be moms who begin leaking milk even before giving birth; breast pads purchased in advance will come in handy in this case. Changing the little pads will be easier than changing an entire outfit.

12 Mom Is Yet To Plan On How To Transport The Little One Home

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Majority of hospitals in the US require mom to arrive with a car seat for transporting her baby home after its born. Before they release a mother with her newborn, they have to confirm that she has a car seat already set up in the car. If mom has not bought a car seat and put it in her car by the time she is almost giving birth, then someone in her family is going to have to buy one ASAP before she can leave the hospital.

There are many car seat options in the market, there are both cheap and expensive brands but the price does not matter as long as the seat meets safety standards. BabyCenter notes that another reason they should buy car seats in advance is that many parents do not know how to fix them correctly so they need ample time to figure it out. There are also some manufacturers and fire stations that offer classes on how to properly fix car seats in cars.

11 She’s A No-Show At Her Doctor Appointments

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A mother who is not ready for childbirth will not be too keen on showing up for her prenatal check-ups, especially when they are changed from once a month to once a week in their final month of pregnancy. These visits are important and moms should make a point of attending.

According to WebMD, the purpose of these visits is to monitor the baby. At one of them, doctors will also check whether mom has an infection like Group B Streptococcus that can make its way to the baby during birth; if mom has one then she has to be on antibiotics during delivery. These visits also check for any abnormalities right before mom can give birth.

10 Mom Is Yet To Attend Birthing Classes

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First-time moms should attend birthing classes for them to learn as much as possible concerning the various methods of coping with labor, giving birth, and taking care of a newborn. If a mom with no previous experience has not enrolled for such classes, then it is safe to assume that she may not know what's going on during labor.

Even moms who have been pregnant before may enroll for these classes and take advantage of the opportunity to focus on specific areas that they need to perfect. As stated by UTSW Med, childbirth classes instill confidence and help moms manage expectations. Moms who attend these classes are also able to connect and learn from other moms going through the same experience.

9 Her Postpartum 'Help' Plans Are Still Pending

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In the first weeks after giving birth, extra help around the house is essential. Ideally, most moms will start looking for help in their third trimester. Therefore, if mom is not looking for friends, family, or house help that can assist her after birth, then she may want to ask around for help.

According to BabyCenter, moms who get help are able to recover well and have the energy to take care of their baby. If it is family members coming to help, they should focus on the nest and not the baby. This means that they are the ones to make meals, run errands and do laundry. Moms can also hire a postpartum doula or a night nanny if they are not too confident about handling their baby. They can also get a babysitter to watch and attend to the other older kids while they deal with the baby.

8 Baby Clothes Are Not Clean

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Moms should always wash all of their baby's new clothes, blankets, beddings, and any other washable items the baby will use. Washing helps remove any substances, preservatives, or dust that may irritate the baby’s skin, which is normally very sensitive after birth. If mom is not doing so as her due date is getting closer, then she is not ready for childbirth.

According to TheBump, it is not enough to toss the clothes in a machine with regular soap; moms should wash baby clothes with scent free baby-friendly detergents. Double rinsing is a sure way of ensuring all the soap has come off.

7 Mom Has Not Stocked Household Items

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If mom is not stocking up on non-baby items, she might not be ready for childbirth. In preparation for the baby’s arrival, moms should not only stock up on baby necessities but also on other household items that moms will use after birth, like foodstuff and toiletries. This ensures that the house is able to function well when mom returns from the hospital.

Most soon-to-be moms stock up on household must-haves, like; toilet paper, shampoo, pantry staples, dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, and toothpaste as claimed by G. Moms are reminded that it is always better to have extra items than run out of something because leaving the house with a newborn will be hectic.

6 She Is Undecided On Who Will Be Present In The Delivery Room

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This is a decision that moms should make prior to checking into the hospital. If they forget to make that list, then things could get confusing on the delivery date. Many delivery rooms allow only one or two people, but others allow more. It's one of those things you need to ask just in case.

According to BabyCenter, it is always good for moms to check in advance with the hospital or birthing center on the number of people they allow in their delivery rooms. Moms should also choose people that will make them feel comfortable and are supportive of their birth plans while in the delivery room.

5 Meals Are Yet To Be Prepped Post Birth

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Mom will have her hands full throughout the day and night when the baby arrives. Sometimes it will be difficult for her to prepare and cook all her family meals. This is why most soon-to-be moms (or their partners) pre-cook food and freeze it as they head to the end of their third trimester. That way they can just defrost and enjoy the food as stated by MomTricks.

Moms who do not see the need to prepare meals in advance before giving birth could be having plans of getting help or are just not ready for childbirth. Aside from freezing meals, moms can also stock up on snacks in the pantry.

4 She Can't Decide On A Name

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Some moms normally pick out their baby's names as soon as they meet their partners while others will start looking for names the minute they find out they are pregnant. However, a small group of moms will wait until the last minute to look baby names.

Although not having a pre-prepared name for their baby is being ahead of the game, most hospitals allow parents to take a few days to think about it if needed. Moms should at least have a tentative list of potential names before giving birth, though. It'll make their lives easier!

Parents points out that once mom gets into the middle of the third trimester she needs to settle down on a name. This avoids choosing a random name while in the recovery room.

3 Mom’s Registry Is Yet To Be Prepared

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A lot of mommy’s friends and family will want to gift the soon-to-be moms either individually or in a group setting like in a baby shower. According to TulaMama, most showers happen between the sixth and eighth week before a mom gives birth, which means a registry should be ready by then.

A baby registry includes gifts mom would like to receive for the new baby. Moms can even have registries in different stores. Registries are a good way to avoid double gifts or certain brands of items that moms do not like. Therefore, moms who are not too keen on having one might not be ready for childbirth.

2 Mama May Be Slowing Down A Bit

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It is very important for expectant moms to stay active especially during those last weeks before giving birth. Being a couch potato and staying in bed all day just shows that mom is not ready to be a mama. Moms do not need to join a sport to be active, walking and swimming are simple ways to stay healthy!

If a mother cannot manage to walk (perhaps she's on bed rest) or swimming, any activity that keeps her on her toes is better than sitting down all day. Again, it all depends on the mama's health. Any activity that gets moms heart beat faster will eventually help mom with labor and giving birth. Staying active also reduces pregnancy discomforts and ensures proper circulation, according to A. Pregnancy

1 She Hasn't Planned Her Maternity Leave

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Sometimes it may not be up to mom but if she is willing to keep working the week she is due then she might not be ready for childbirth. Yes, it is safe to work until the end of the pregnancy but moms often need time to make preparations for the birth of their baby.

According to parents, some moms may choose to work until the last day so that they can save up their leave days and utilize them once they have the baby. However, if that time pressure is not a factor for mom, it is always a good idea for her to take a week or two off so that she can do last minute preparations.

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