Here's How Brandon Jenner Told Caitlyn Jenner He’s Expecting Twins Post-Divorce

Brandon Jenner- son of Caitlyn Jenner- is in a relationship with his girlfriend of six months, Cayley Stoker. Not only that, but Stoker is also 12 weeks pregnant with twins. So, Brandon had to reveal the news to Caitlyn in a unique manner. Brandon had been married to Leah and were together for 14 years. Their divorce was settled in July of this year- and by that time, they had a four-year-old daughter named Eva.

At the alice + olivia x FriendsWithYou launch party at the Hollywood Athletic Club, Caitlyn exclusively told Us Weekly, "He actually put a sign up on the property next door. And he goes, 'We'll walk around his property with Cayley.' [Then] he goes, 'Oh, my God, what's that sign over there?' … So he gets the binoculars out and he's looking in [and] goes, 'Oh, look what it says.' So he hands the binoculars to me. And the sign says: 'We're gonna have a baby.'" An hour later, the retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete found out that her son was expecting twins!

When it comes to handling relationships, Brandon and Leah are exemplary. After their split, they posted a beautiful love-filled message which clearly stated their intentions and their future relationship. They indicated that only their romantic relationship has come to an end, but still, they are best friends and loving parents. Time and again, they have proved it by keeping up with important events and news shared with their daughter - a joint statement was uploaded on Instagram.

After the divorce, Brandon stated, "Leah and I split up in a really beautiful way, and I think we handled it in the best way possible. It was a process and it took some time to finalize. And now that Leah and I have moved on, I am starting a family with Cayley, and I'm so happy about it."

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The "Death of Me" singer added, "We are at 12 weeks now, so near the end of the first trimester. We're madly in love and we are very excited about this!" He, along with his ex-wife and his girlfriend, disclosed this happy news to daughter Eva, "and she was very excited and happy. She's super excited to be a big sister."

When speaking about co-parenting, Brandon’s mom Linda Thompson previously posted on Instagram that she's confident about Brandon and Leah. They'll continue to be “exemplary parents to their beautiful little Eva". Being the best of the friends, they'll also continue to share a “remarkable, memory-filled history.” The former beauty queen wasn’t taken aback when she had found his son celebrating Christmas with Don Felder’s daughter and Eva just three months within their split.

Congratulations to the new couple, and we hope Brandon continues to set a new standard of parenting for all of us!

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