Here's What Everyone Will Be Naming Their Baby Girls In 2019

When it comes to naming baby boys, it seems like it is a little bit easier than when trying to name little girls. Many parents want to name their first boy after themselves, while others want a name that sounds tough or has some significant meaning to it.

When it comes to naming a baby girl, most people either want a name that sounds very beautiful or just innocent. Of course, there are many other reasons to like a name because of the fact that it has a beautiful meaning behind it. Some people even choose a name based off of the characteristics that a specific name is supposed to have.

For some names, it truly does seem like they never go out of style, and the list keeps getting larger and larger every year because people today seem to name their children after just about everything under the sun.

So, what will people be naming their little girls in the coming year? We have compiled a list of 25 girls names that we believe will be used in 2019. If you happen to be expecting a child in the new year and are looking for a name, please take the time to look through our list and see if any of these names would suit your little girl.

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25 Valentina

Valentina is a girl’s name that has a strong but beautiful sound to it. And according to Ohbabynames.com, the name means, “Healthy and Strong.” Who doesn’t want a strong, healthy baby girl?

St. Valentine was the most well-known person with this name and he was beheaded as a Christian martyr by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. People with this name tend to be powerful, wealthy, and great problem solvers- a few characteristics that will help them to get far in life. Valentina is a good choice if you want your daughter to be beautiful and strong at the same time.

24 Delilah

Delilah is a very beautiful girls name that according to Sheknows.com, means "poor, small, and head of hair.” Not the best meaning in the world but if you are only looking for the beauty of a name, then this is a good choice.

There is one very popular radio personality named Delilah. It is also the name of biblical character Samson’s mistress in the old testament. Girls with this name have the need for a loving and stable family life, which is something I think most of us have or want anyways.

23 Ivy

I love the name Ivy. It is very short and so very beautiful. According to Nameberry.com, Ivy is a girl's name that comes from the climbing Ivy plant. Some people don’t like this plant, but I remember when I was a child my dad had it growing up the side of his house and I always liked the way it looked.

So, if you name your little girl Ivy, she will grow on you more and more and  will really cling to you. The ancient Greeks used to make a wreath out of it and present it to newlyweds and it was to symbolize fidelity.

22 Layla

According to Ohbabynames.com, Layla is a girl’s name of Arabic origin and it means, “night, dark complexion, and dark beauty.” Beauty and complexion obviously go well together, meaning your little girl will have a beautiful complexion.

Girls with this name are loving, compassionate, sensitive, family-oriented people, which are all very good qualities for anyone to have. Layla is another one of those names that will never lose its appeal. So, yes, this name will still be beautiful in the new year to come. It's a good choice if you want your little angel to have all loving qualities.

21 Faith

The name Faith, according to Sheknows.com, has a fairly obvious meaning to it which is, “confidence; trust; belief.” The first person who comes to mind for me is Faith Hill, a very beautiful and talented country singer, who is married to another very talented country singer, Tim McGraw.

Faith has been a popular name among Christians for obvious reasons. People with this name are usually determined and successful. Among everything else, this name is just plain beautiful, just like your little girl will be.

20 Alexis

According to Babble.com, Alexis is an English name that means, “defender of mankind.” Wow, imagine your little girl growing up to be a defender of mankind. This name comes from the male name of Alexander.

There are a few famous people with this name, such as actress Alexis Bledel, news anchor, Alexis Glick, and actress Alexis Smith. It is also the name of actor Ted Danson’s daughter, Kate Gosselin’s daughter, and also Dennis Rodman’s daughter. You can call her Alex for short, but she might not like that so much.

19 Josephine

Josephine is a very beautiful name and, according to Sheknows.com, the name means, “may Jehovah add/give increase.” Sounds to me like your little girl will be very blessed.

I know a little girl with this name and everyone calls her Jo-Jo, which is a nice nickname that you may want to consider if you choose this name. Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife had this name. People who share this name tend to enjoy quiet and they like to sit back and analyze the world around them.

18 Jordyn

According to Thinkbabynames.com, the name Jordyn is of Hebrew origin meaning, “down-flowing.” It’s derived from the name Jordan as in the river.

Jordyn is sometimes used as a boy’s name as well, and it is not nearly as common as a girl's name. According to Sevenreflections.com, girls with this name are very intelligent, honest, and  brave, and they tend to make good leaders. Their only downfall is that they don’t always finish what they start. Jordyn’s are also risk takers, which helps them to get ahead.

17 Trinity

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Trinity is one of those names where, if you are looking for something beautiful, you will consider this name because it always has been and always will be a very beautiful name.According to Sheknows.com, this name means three in one, as in the Holy Trinity.

People with this name seem to be very generous and love giving back to mankind through donations, charity, or just sharing their knowledge and experience with others. Your little girl will be a real benefit to society if you give her this beautiful name.

16 Sienna

According to Thenamemeaning.com, the beautiful name Sienna means, “reddish orange-brown, reddish brown”. Your little girl may or may not have reddish hair, but she will have a very beautiful name that the boys will like repeating.

Sienna is also a town in Italy that attracts a lot of tourists, just like your girl will someday attract a lot of boys. So, I hope you are ready for that, moms and dads. Some people spell this name with two n’s, but it doesn’t matter which way you spell it.

15 Fiona

Fiona is a lovely girl's name that. According to Sheknows.com, it means, “white or comely.” Girls with this name are usually romantic with a magnetic personality, which means that your little girl will have no problem at all making friends, since people will automatically be attracted to her.

These girls tend to seek out careers where they can somehow be helpful to humanity. Other people will love being around her as she will be very compassionate and giving. Don’t we all want more of that?

14 Alexandria

Alexandria is a very beautiful girl’s name that, according to Sheknows.com, means, “Defender of men.” This name derived from the male form of the name Alexander and became popular after the wedding of Princess Alexandra to the future King Edward VII.

Just imagine your little girl being named after a real princess- I am sure she would be very delighted with that Girls with this name tend to become very wealthy and powerful. Not to mention, this name has a royal sound to it.

13 Destiny

I think this name is so very beautiful and I know of one very pretty little girl with this name. According to Ohbabynames.com, this name means, “to determine, fate.” One day, some lucky man will be able to tell her, “You are my destiny.”

These girls have a loving and caring energy about them, which will make them good mothers and wives someday. They also seem to be able to attract money and enjoy being surrounded by beautiful objects. They have very attractive personalities.

12 Rachel

Rachel is a beautiful girls name and I am not saying that just because it happens to be a family member’s name. The name Rachel, according to Sheknows.com, is, “Ewe, Lamb, or Sheep.” In the old testament, Rachel was the second wife of Jacob.

People with this name are very imaginative, and are often very spiritual and search for spiritual truth. This is all very true of my relative as well, as she is always seeking out the truth. She has a very loving and nurturing nature.

11 Amanda

The name Amanda has such an honest and innocent sound to it and, according to Sheknows.com, this name means, “lovable,” although every little child is lovable.

Girls with this name tend to be intelligent, creative and have a need to express themselves through their creativity, either through teaching or by other public means, whether it is singing, writing, or maybe even acting. Amanda was a name that was very popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and it also seems to be making a comeback.

10 Angelina

Angelina is a very beautiful girls name and the first person I think of when I hear this name is the beautiful actress, Angelina Jolie. Some children might think of the children’s book, “Angelina Ballerina.”

According to Nameberry.com, this name is of Greek, Spanish, and Italian origin and it means, “Angel.”According to Sheknows.com, girls with this name tend to be romantic, are very passionate and have magnetic personalities. Sometimes they can be a little too quick to fall in love, which can sometimes lead to heartbreak.

9 Gabriela

Gabriela, according to Sheknows.com, is the feminine form of Gabriel and it means, “God’s able-bodied one.” Girls with this name like to sit back and quietly analyze the world around them. They also have the need to figure out the deeper truths of things. So, your little girl may be a quiet thinker.

Some downfalls for this name are that these girls can be proud, stubborn, and impatient, and don’t have much respect for authority figures which is hard to believe for such quiet individuals.

8 Melissa

Melissa is another one of those very sweet and innocent sounding names. According to Sheknows.com, this name in American and Latin means, “Nymph.” But you may like the Greek meaning better which is, “Bee.”

These girls need a loving and stable family life, which is something most people desire, and they also enjoy working with others. According to Ohbabynames.com, girls with this name have such a powerful personality that people are just naturally drawn to them and they can also attract money to themselves.

7 Christina

Christina is a beautiful girls name that can also be spelled, Krystina. According to Sheknows.com, the name in Swedish and American means, “Christian,” and in English and Latin, it means, “Follower of Christ.” Of course, both of those meanings are the same because a Christian is a follower of Christ.

According to Sevenreflections.com, girls with this name are very friendly and cheerful people, and can also be very emotional. They are usually peacemakers and very independent. Crissy is a nice nickname for Christina.

6 Miranda

According to Nameberry.com, the name Miranda means, “marvelous.” There are a few famous people who come to my mind when I hear this name, like the beautiful, young actress Miranda Cosgrove, the lovely country artist Miranda Lambert, and the famous model named Miranda Kerr.

According to Sheknows.com, girls with this name tend to want to inspire others towards a higher cause and have strong spiritual views that they like to share with others. And, many times, they find themselves the public eye.

5 Jasmine

I know a couple of people with this pretty name-  one of them is my stepsister and another one is my best friend who spells her name, Jazmine. Some people even spell it Yasmine – which changes the meaning and sound of this lovely name. Jaz or Jazzy are common nicknames used.

According to Sheknows.com, girls with this name are named after the jasmine flower. A few famous people who have named their daughters Jasmine are Michael Jordan, Nigel Barker, and Martin Lawrence. People with this name really like to care for others.

4 Tia

The name Tia is a very short and pretty name. According to Sheknows.com, this lovely name means, “goddess, godly.” So, if you choose to give your daughter this pretty name, she will be your little Goddess, which fits because girls with this name like to take charge. They make good leaders and are very independent. They are also detail oriented, which is good in the business world. These girls truly enjoy life to the fullest, and they also like to be the center of attention.

3 Cassandra

According to Sheknows.com, the name Cassandra means, “prophetess.” Back in the 1980’s Charlie Sheen named his daughter Cassandra. This was also the name of a mythological Princess who had the gift of prophecy given to her by Apollo. Some good nicknames are Sandy, Sandra, Cassie, and Cass.

These girls are also very creative and love being able to express themselves in public settings. They often become very powerful and wealthy. I am sure most parents would like their little girl to grow up to be wealthy.

2 Stephanie

Stephanie is another one of those beautiful names that will never go out of style; from generation to generation it will always be a popular name. I know a couple of girls with this name and they are all very hard-working women with big hearts.

This name, according to Babble.com, means, “Crowned in victory.” A few of the famous people who gave their daughter’s this name include, Jon Bon Jovi, Bob Marley, Grace Kelly, Steve Austin, and Paul Newman. This name is a very good choice for a beautiful little girl.

1 Bethany

Bethany has such a beautiful sound to it and, according to Nameberry.com, this name means, “house of figs.” Bethany was a village just outside of Jerusalem.

According to Ohbabynames.com, girls with this name are very emotional but also very cheerful and pleasant to be around. They are very artistic and seem to have the gift of gab. They have a bubbly personality that draws others to them. These girls never seem to outgrow their child-like personas. The perfect nickname would obviously be Beth.

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