Hero Dog Gives His Life To Protect Baby From Deadly Cobra

Two dogs are deservedly being labeled heroes after they sacrificed themselves to stop a cobra from entering a room where a baby was sleeping.

Humans have kept dogs as pets and lived alongside them in harmony for centuries, and for good reason. They perform jobs for us and are perhaps the most loyal creature in the entire animal kingdom. They haven't been awarded the moniker of "man's best friend" without good reason. From guide dogs to sniffer dogs, we have a lot to thank dogs for.

Back to the aforementioned loyalty, and those of you reading this who have a pup of your own will know exactly what we're talking about. For the most part, a dog's love for its owner is unconditional. Many dogs will also do their utmost to protect their owner. That has never been showcased in a better way than it was in the Philippines recently.

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As reported by Metro, a cobra was dead set on making its way into a house when it was clocked by two dogs. With one-year-old Skye sleeping just inside the house in Kidapawan City, dogs Moxie and Miley sprung into action. With no regard for their own wellbeing, they attacked the cobra in an attempt to prevent it entering the house. You can watch CCTV footage of the altercation below but be warned, it does contain footage some might find distressing.

Moxie kicks things off and then Miley soon joins in. Both pups continually bite the cobra, and also grab its tail and attempt to drag it away from the house it seems determined to make its way into. Eventually, the dogs succeed and the cobra dies from the injuries it has suffered. Sadly, Miley died due to being bitten multiple times, and Moxie has been left blind after the cobra sprayed venom in her eyes.

Skye's parents were both at work when all of this went down, and the babysitter looking after Skye was completely unaware of what was going on outside. It wasn't until she watched back the CCTV footage that she realized what the dogs had done. That they may well have saved baby Skye's life.

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