Hero Officer Who Attempted To Save Baby Thrown In River Attacked With Sexist Messages

The heroic police officer who tried saving an 11-month-old from drowning after his father threw him in a river is now being faced with a multitude of sexist comments regarding her appearance. Police officer, Jessica Voiels, 24, jumped into a river and managed to retrieve 11-month-old Zakari but sadly, he died after arriving at the hospital.

Now Officer Voiels is being recognized, not for her heroic act, but for her appearance, with many Facebook users saying things such as "I won't mind her arresting me" and "She can nic me I'm guilty." Other comments included, "Well, if I ever get pulled out of the river and need mouth to mouth then Manchester's the place for that" and "I feel I need to meet her and thank her personally, maybe give her a cuddle and see how it goes."

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The entire incident, between chasing the boy and then having him lose his life, was extremely traumatic for Officer Voiels, and now on top of everything, she's dealing with people who are more concerned with her looks than the little boy who lost his life.

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The harassment has gotten so out of hand that Voiels ended up deleting her social media account after posting "Had my worst shift yesterday. I can't see things being as bad as that in the future." Voiels didn't see Zakari thrown into the river but was called to the scene after someone spotted his body.

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Zakari's father, Zak Eko, 22, was charged with murder after evidence pointed to him being the one to have thrown the baby in. The hearing reportedly took less than one minute, long enough to confirm his name and date of birth, before his being sentenced.

Zakari's mother, Emma Blood, has been engulfed in grief since hearing her baby boy is gone forever. "He was a happy and content baby with a gorgeous little smile and a head full of curls," she says in her tribute to him.

Now, Zakari's family, Officer Voiels and the entire community are trying to heal. It is unclear whether Voiels will return to social media after the stream of sexist comments but Facebook users who stand by Voiels are right when they say that the comments are nothing but 'disgusting' given the circumstances- and even without!

We hope that everyone involved can heal quickly after such a tragedy and that baby Zakari's life is never forgotten.

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