Hero School Bus Driver Saves Kid From Dangerous Driver

A bus driver is being hailed a hero after her quick reflexes saved one child's life.

The day was a little unlike others for school bus driver Samantha Call. The students in the Norwich City School District were let off earlier than normal thanks to a parent-teacher night later on, still, it's relatively standard procedure. That is, until 10:44 a.m. rolled along and one student was almost hit by a car. In a video posted by Norwich City School District, Call is seen opening the door and an unsuspecting child is about to step off. While this is happening, a car ignored the stop signal and went around the bus, causing Call to think quickly. She grabs the child by his hoodie, preventing him from getting off as the car speeds past the vehicle on the shoulder.

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"No, no,no, no," Call is heard yelling as she snatches the child. A bystander (or sitter, in this case) is heard responding with "that was a good grab."


The boy then runs off the bus, seemingly unphased by the ordeal.

Later, the video was shown to the boy's parents, who were thankful for the quick decisionmaking

“They were very emotional,” William Looms, the district's transportation minister said to New York Upstate. “It was very alarming for them to see how close this was to being a tragedy. And they were very thankful for the bus driver.”

Looms also said he spoke with Calls after the incident, telling her the boy in question is alive because of her.

While we here at BabyGaga generally report on, well, babies, we thought this was an important story to share despite the child being a little older. It's important to keep an eye out for buses and their signals while driving, and it's even more important to teach our kids to keep an eye out just in case someone else isn't. The Norwich City School District thinks the same, which is why the video made it to the public eye in the first place. They also tagged TV show host Ellen Degeneres in the hopes of spreading awareness about school bus safety across the world.

Thankfully, this boy had one quick-reacting bus driver to help him out. It's kind of crazy to see the lack of reaction on the child's face, but he may have just been startled. It's a scary situation to be part of but it's great that the video is being shared across the web for parents to see.


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