10 Heroic Fictional Characters To Name Your Baby After

There are many heroes and heroines from literature and movies that are inspiring. If you love stories and love being inspired by fascinating characters, you might consider naming your new baby after a heroic fictional character that you love.

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From comic books to young adult novels to classic literature, there are a lot of fictional heroes to choose from. Of course, you’ll want to pick one that’s a name you love and from a story that you love, too. But, this list can get you started on the right track.

Here are ten heroic fictional characters that you can consider naming your baby after.


Harry is a name after one of the most popular fictional heroes from one of the most successful franchises ever. Harry Potter definitely made the name Harry somewhat cool again. This name has English origins and means something close to “home” or house protector.”

It also has some roots that mean a leader of an army. It’s definitely a very British name and also one that’s classic but not super overused. And, if you love Harry Potter, it’s a good choice.


Some of the most inspiring heroes from fiction are not the most well-known. While Marvel superheroes have been extremely popular lately with all of the superhero movies, there are many other Marvel heroes in comics you might not be aware of Kamala Khan is the first Muslim character to have her own comic series called Ms. Marvel.

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This beautiful name means “lotus” or “pale red” in Sanskrit and is a stunning and powerful name.


Percy is another name from a popular young adult book series. The Percy Jackson series definitely has some similarities to Harry Potter in that it’s a fantastical world centered on the stories of teenagers. The name comes from the Greek name Perseus, so it’s definitely got a lot of power behind it.

Percy is a name that’s not overused and has a little bit of quirk to it. So, if you love fantasy novels or mythology, it’s a good choice to name your baby boy.


Leia is a form of the name Leah. Obviously, this name became popular with the Star Wars character. It’s also a beautiful name, and you could also consider the more traditional form of Leah. In Hebrew, the name Leah means “weary” but in Latin, it means, “lioness.”

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Plus, Princess Leia from Star Wars is a well-loved character who is smart, capable, and a leader. This makes this name perfect and inspiring for your new baby girl. It’s also especially fitting if you love the franchise.


Peter is quite a classic boys name and it occurs in many stories as well as in the Bible. One of the most popular fictional characters with the name is Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. The character has always been popular, but he has especially been popular lately with the Marvel movies and Sony movies.

This name has Greek roots and is said to mean “stone.” Peter is a simple and sweet name that’s perfect for a little boy, and especially so if you love the caring, heroic Peter Parker.


It’s not shocking that this name has recently become quite popular. Arya is one of the most heroic and capable characters from Game of Thrones. She is inspiring from a young age and overcome tremendous odds. The name also has a strong meaning.

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The meaning in India is “noble goddess” while in Hebrew it means “lioness.” This is a fitting name for the character from the show and is also really inspiring to give to a girl. This is the perfect name that will inspire your daughter to be a leader.


Finn is a name that has pop culture resonance and is also a little hipsterish. It’s definitely gotten more popular recently because of a character in Star Wars. As far as origins are concerned, it may have come from Old Norse roots as well as Irish.

Its meaning in Irish is “white” or “fair.” Finn is a main character in the new Star Wars trilogy. The character is daring, adventurous, and good-hearted, making this a sweet name to give to your new baby boy.


Rey is another name from Star Wars fame, but it’s a simple and sweet one that had to be included on this list. A lot of the names from Star Wars are actually quite good to give to a new baby.

Rey is the main hero of the new trilogy, and she is smart, a quick learner, and strong. The great thing about this name is that it’s perfect for a girl, but you can easily switch the spelling to Ray and it also fits well for a baby boy.


Luke is another rather classic boy’s name that is also the name of many heroic fictional characters. The first character that comes to mind when hearing the name Luke is Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. However, there are other notable heroes with this name including Marvel’s superhero Luke Cage.

This name isn’t too out there or strange, so it’s perfect if you want to name a child after a fictional character but does not have to be too obvious. It’s a name that fits well with many last names and with many personalities.


Diana is a classic name that might seem outdated, but it’s definitely a name ready to be used for a modern time. This name might be the most popular because of Princess Di, but it’s also the first name of one of the most well-known superheroes in the world.

Diana is the real name of Wonder Woman, making this one of the most heroic names that you can give to a baby girl.

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