New Parents Are Increasingly Joining The Hiking With Babies Movement

More and more parents are joining the movement of hiking with their infants. The trend was not founded on purpose, but the number of people who follow it have boomed over the years. In an ever-urbanizing society, many parents are concerned their kids no longer feel connected with nature, so they are exposing their kids to the wonders Mother Nature has to offer from a very young age.

The trend started when 47-year-old Shanti Hodges went hiking with her son, Mason. Since he was born, Mason has accompanied his mother on numerous hikes. Now, with his mother’s help, he can identify a plethora of plant and animal species, and his connection with nature is deep and true. Hodges originally decided to take her son on hikes because she felt isolated and cooped-up in her house. She didn’t want her responsibilities as a mom to stop her love of exploring nature. While sharing her story, Hodges gained a following of nature-loving parents.

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Now, Hike It Baby has over 200,000 families regularly visiting their page to plan their next hiking adventure. A community of nature-loving parents formed around the activity. They no longer have to feel isolated at home or unsafe on a hike; members of the group help each other out during their adventures, so parents feel less alone trying to take care of their kids in the wilderness. If you forget your plastic bag for your baby’s diaper, other parents are ready to help you and give you and extra one.

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Parents love the idea because they want their kids to be outdoors. Getting some fresh air is good for their sleep and respiratory health. Once they’re a bit older, the kids can begin to play in nature. Spending time away from electronics and media encourages kids to be more creative and imaginative. A stick can function as many things, as long as the child’s imagination runs wild.

Hike It Baby and other communities like it aim to connect their kids with nature. The more they fall in love with the wilderness, the more these kids will want to protect it in the future. Especially in a time of climate change and global warming, we need kids who love Mother Nature. They are the ones who will go above and beyond to protect the Earth.

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