Hilaria Baldwin Addresses Haters Who Criticized Her For Announcing Her Miscarriage

Hilaria Baldwin addressed the haters who criticized her for announcing her miscarriage. The “Mom Brain” podcast co-host wrote on her Instagram Story on November 26 to respond to the trolls who called her too old, disgusting, and an attention seeker after making her situation public.

Hilaria, 35, wrote in her post about the pain she went through due to the experience. She described it as hitting rock bottom that brings with it pain and suffering. However, she also noted that the pure pain it causes transforms the ordeal into a revelation, enabling her to recognize the important things and ignore the meaningless ones, such as trolls. She acknowledges that the loss she went through is incomparable to any negative comments that trolls direct her way.

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Us Weekly reports that the Living Clearly Method author considers women who have had miscarriages are in the majority rather than a minority group. She calls for society to treat these mothers with love and support instead of shame and ridicule. The former yoga instructor also talked to Extra and revealed that she and Kimberly Van Der Beek connect and support each other through these tough times. Kimberly, James Van Der Beek's wife, had a miscarriage earlier this month, and Hilaria describes her as a strong woman.

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Hilaria and her husband, Alec Baldwin, have four children together, and the two miscarriages she suffered this year hurt them. Hilaria decided to go public with her experiences to provide support to others who went through a similar situation. Unfortunately, the negative response from trolls made her post her message on Tuesday. It addressed the broken system that shames a woman’s pain and vulnerability in her path to create love and family.

Nonetheless, she told Us Weekly that she was getting better and healing day by day. She started with simple movements of stretching and breathing after taking a week off from exercising.  Mrs. Baldwin's experience reflects the stigma that people still attach to miscarriages. The degrading and hurtful comments left by trolls showed the insensitive climate of the society towards women who go through the pain of losing a baby.

More people need to be vocal and bring attention to the broken system in the same way that Hilaria did. Society should understand that no woman wants to suffer a miscarriage, and when one does, it should provide her with love, support, and protection in her vulnerable state.

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