Hilaria Baldwin Opens Up About Her Mental Health Following Miscarriage At 4 Months

In an emotional Instagram video, 35-year-old actress, Hilaria Baldwin, shares her recent loss of her baby. At her 20-week ultrasound, Baldwin learned that her baby had passed away and the video she shared speaking with her daughter, Carmen, has touched thousands of hearts.

"We are very sad to share that today we learned that our baby passed away at 4 months," she began. "We also want you to know that even though we are not ok right now, we will be." Little Carmen is seen hugging and kissing her mama in the Instagram video in an attempt to comfort her.

Despite their loss, Baldwin is trying hard to focus on the children she does have. "We are so lucky with our 4 healthy babies- and we will never lose sight of this," she wrote.

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What has really impressed fans is that Baldwin had no shame in sharing the loss. Miscarriages and stillbirths carry a lot of stigma, and Baldwin was not afraid to be completely open and honest with her followers in saying that no, she's not okay right now. A lot of fans reached out to her commenting words of support and the actress is thankful she has so much support right now.

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Many women who have also experienced what she is going through commented saying that they appreciate not feeling so alone in their loss as well. One of the hardest challenges life can throw at you is losing a child and Hilaria Baldwin has been very brave being so open about the tragedy and the emotions surrounding it.

Sources report that this is the star's second miscarriage in seven months. Her husband, well-known actor, Alec Baldwin, has yet to make a statement about the loss but we imagine he's dealing with his own grief as well. Hilaria makes a point to say she couldn't get through this without the support of her children and her husband, not to mention her fans.

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Despite the circumstances, Hilaria Baldwin is being seen as an inspiration for coming forward with her suffering instead of suppressing it/hiding it. We wish the family nothing but the best in their time of healing and in the future if they decide to try for another child.

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