Hilaria Baldwin Refuses To Be Silent About Miscarriage

Hilaria Baldwin suffered with a miscarriage and she said it's important to be honest about miscarriage.

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Recently Hilaria Baldwin went onto her Instagram and shared with her fans that she was pregnant with her fifth child, but she was likely having a miscarriage. She shared that she was pregnant, but the pregnancy didn't seem like it was progressing as it should. She had several symptoms that she knew pointed to the possibility that she would not be having a healthy nine month pregnancy. When she went into the doctors she was told that the heartbeat was slow. She knew that was not a very good sign. When Hilaria went in for a second scan she was told by the technician that the heartbeat was still very slow and not very strong.

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Baldwin came out and explained that she indeed had a miscarriage. Her fans were very proud of her for her honesty and her raw emotion. Hilaria thought it was very important to share the fact that she was possibly going through a miscarriage and she was very honest about the experience once it was official.

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Hilaria wants to normalize miscarriages.  Many women have had to deal with miscarriage, but many women don't want to talk about their experiences. The topic of miscarriage in the past was very taboo and women didn't talk about them. However, more and more women are opening up about their experiences and it is very important. Hilaria said that it is important for women to know that they didn't do anything wrong. A lot of women deal with miscarriages and then they blame themselves. They believe that they are failures and that is why they lost their baby. Hilaria said that it's just not true. Most miscarriages don't have any specific reason as to why they happened it's just bad luck.

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Baldwin shared that this miscarriage was hard, but she said that it would be even more difficult if she wasn't able to talk about it with others. She has loved talking about her miscarriage with her friends, family, and fans, because she has been able to get a lot of support through this time! She has said that it is important to start talking about miscarriages and make them less taboo.

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