15Who Gave That Kid A Horse?


This painting is titled, "An Elegant Family At Tea", which is totally fitting aside from the kid who's the size of his mother's kneecap. We're not even sure if the cat sitting opposite him is real, because that would mean its legs are skinnier than a needle in a pin-cushion.

A rocking horse is such a common gift for a child. But have you ever seen a child so much rocking such an attitude on one? Goodness gracious, this kid looks like he's about to chase down an anarchist rebelling against British parliament.

The royal nature of this portrait is appreciated

though, and with it, the flair of the second child in the room. Front and center, for everyone to see, must be sitting the future king or queen of Britain. Royal proclamations can be difficult when you're at the tender age of four, especially when you're held responsible for handling a teacup twice the size of your hand with no handle. In reality, this kid is probably having a fit over not getting any pancakes -- we would be too if they were offered to the man in waiting and not us. So is this painting elegant? Perhaps not. But entertaining? Definitely.

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