Hilarious: One Regular Mom Recreates 20 Celeb Mom Pics

When scrolling through Instagram, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the glamorous celebrity moms living their seemingly idyllic lives. How do they always manage to look so polished, so put together, and so darn fit all the while keeping their kids feed, clean, clothed and in school?

It seems impossible. In reality it kind of is, they have help with at least some of these aspects of their lives. But when comedian and mom Celeste Barber started to get bored of the pretentious selfies and posts she was seeing on her feed, she decided to do something about it.

“I get a little miffed with fashionista people thinking that they are much better than other people because they are very slim and have architect husbands and get to wear free stuff,” she told The Guardian. “It’s a bit [like they are] rubbing your nose in, ‘This is how we live, sorry guys’ – and that bums me hard.”

So she started parodying the photos that stuck out to her the most. And with her comedic chops, she is always able to make an otherwise banal selfie or fashion shoot something hilarious. “I’ve got to add something to it,” she said. “I’m not mimicking or mocking, I’m parodying; I’m adding some humour to it.”

Here are 20 of Barber’s best looks where she mimics the celebrity moms we all know and love.

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20 Taking Out The Trash With Kim K

When Barber started creating celebrity parodies, the aim of the game was to poke fun at the over the top lifestyles of the rich and famous. So it’s no wonder that the Kardashian-Jenner family make it onto our top fifteen list more than once.

And Barber is aware just how often she takes the Kardashians to task. In a 2015 interview with People Magazine, the comedian acknowledged that, yes, the Kardashians are one of her top inspirations, but that they probably are okay with it.

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I’m no expert but I think the Kardashian ladies are pretty happy for a bit of flattery,” Barber said.

“However, I take a fully detailed security team with me when I drop my kids at school, and I’ve got a new security system installed at my house in case Kanye comes knocking in the middle of the night,” the comedian said (in jest of course).

So when Kim Kardashian posed in front of a Louis Vuitton trash can in a one-piece Fendi ensemble with matching coat, it’s understandable that Barber jumped at the chance to recreate a moment that would go down in fashion history.

19 High Heels, Haute Couture And… Little Tikes?

There are a lot of things that may come to mind when you think about Jessica Simpson. Maybe her music is the first thing you think of, or perhaps it’s her iconic role in The Dukes of Hazzard. Or if you’re a true blue fan, maybe it’s The Newlyweds show and her unforgettable line about chicken of the sea.

But when we think of Simpson, we think about that life of luxury. When Simpson gave birth to her first daughter, she did so in a $3784-a-night luxury birthing suite that boasted three-rooms, two-baths, “a flat-screen TV and DVD player, stereo, refrigerator stocked with bottled water and juice, baskets of fresh fruit and muffins, hotel-style robes, salon services, and gourmet meals made-to-order.” Woah!

And when the singer-turner-entrepreneur thinks of luxury she thinks of high heels, plunging necklines and corsets, of course. Throw in a nice ride, and Simpson is all set.

Barber, on the other hand, knows how to ride like a real mom. She doesn’t need a fancy Ferrari or an elegant Escalade. All she needs is her kids’ Little Tikes Cozy Coupe toy car to make an entrance!

18 Khloe Kardashian’s Selfie Game Is Strong

“Khloe is in the pink with the big hoops, I'm in the red with the not so big hoops. Just wanted to clear that up,” Barber captioned this snap. Just in case we weren’t able to tell due to Barber’s amazing chameleon-like abilities to become the star she’s parodying.

While this is an older photo of Kardashian, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters is officially a mom. She and boyfriend Tristan Thompson welcomed their daughter True on April 12, 2018. The new mom is taking her own approach to parenting. She recently tweeted, “When it comes to pregnancy and parenting, I've taken advice with a grain of salt - everyone has their own style."

And while she might have a parenting style that is all her own, Barber did a pretty bang-on job copying the reality star’s actual style in this side-by-side pic. From the messy ponytail to the bandana, the oversized hoop earrings to the slightly surprised, duck-face pout, it must be like looking in a mirror for Kardashian.

“I wanted to see how I would look if I attempted to recreate some really privileged peoples’ ‘everyday, normal’ selfies,” Barber told People Magazine. I think she’s managed to do just that!

17 Going For A Drive, Dog Style!

If you’re a dog, it seems like a reasonable thing to lean your head out of the window of a car. If you’re a toddler, you’ve probably given your mother a heart attack trying to lean out the window, before she turned the child locks on, of course. But, it seems, if you are a celebrity, leaning your head out of the window is nothing more than a perfect selfie opportunity.

And let’s be honest, Jessica Simpson does look like complete perfection in this shot with her head out of the window, gorgeous palm trees in the background and a faraway look of wistful happiness on her face. It begs the question how fast was that car moving? And if it was going more than 10 miles an hour, what is Simpson’s secret to stay so impeccably polished even in the face of wind and dust?

If most mortals were to stick our heads out of a moving vehicle to get a selfie, surely we’d look more like Barber does in her picture.

Hair swept right back from the wind, face pulled back from the wind, tears forming in the corner of her eyes and, let’s face it, she probably got a mouthful of flies while getting this shot.

16 Miranda Kerr Goes Magnum

It may be a messy treat to share with the kids, but is there anything better than ice cream on a hot day in the summer? And if that ice cream happens to be a chocolate covered Magnum bar, even better.

Model and mom, Miranda Kerr, stepped out in Cannes in 2015 to rep the launch of two new Magnum ice cream bars. It might seem hard to believe that Kerr indulges in such sweet treats, but her personal trainer told Women’s Health and Fitness that it all comes down to moderation.

"Believe it or not, I advise my clients to eat a little bit of dark chocolate or ice cream once or twice a week, to ensure they don't splurge and start living with these indulgences every day". But Kerr herself says that she prefers to indulge in her grandmother’s homemade pavlova if she’s going to have a treat.

In Barber’s shot, she’s less worried about the calories and more worried about the benjamins. “Some people get paid a tonne of money to promote things others spend money to eat them,” she captioned the side-by-side photo on Instagram.

15 It’s A Diva-Off!

If ever there was a diva, it’s Mariah Carey. And yet Barber was brave enough to throw her hat in the ring and challenge Carey to a diva-off (well, kind of!). “You're lucky you can sing Mariah Carey or you would have some serious diva competition on your hands,” Barber captioned the side-by-side post on Instagram.

Barber’s diva is much more “hanging out at home with the kids on a Saturday morning watching cartoons” whereas Carey is channelling her full inner diva.

From the fluffy high heels and the two-piece white negligee to the opulent staircase complete with Grecian urns, this is full-on diva for sure.

Here’s the thing: of all the divas currently living their diva lives, Carey is the last one we’d want to challenge. It seems she comes from a long line of divas.

“Actually, I have had diva moments, and then people can’t handle it. I guess it’s a little intense because I come from a true diva: My mother is an opera singer,” Carey explained in an interview with Paper Magazine. “And that’s a real diva, you know — Juilliard diva. And so other people that are like, ‘I’m a diva,’ it’s like, ‘Honey, you don’t know what a diva is, you didn’t grow up with my mom.’”

14 A Tight-Knit Summer Look

While former Victoria’s Secret angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley only became a mom in 2017, she’s taken to it like a moth to the flame. In an interview with Hello! Magazine, Huntington-Whiteley opened up about the joy she found in becoming a mother.

"It sounds so clichéd, but it’s just been the most magical experience. Everything feels so special and sweet and wholesome and loving and then at the same time it's been... life-changing, and my focus is now this person; this is what I want to do,” she said. “This is what I want to pour my heart into now."

But her new entry into motherhood didn’t keep her from Barber’s introspective eye. “It started out with the idea of a normal person doing weird celebrity-type things,” Barber told Mamamia Australia. And the parody of Whiteley is just that.

Why is she sitting in a pool in a sweater, most of us might ask. Barber didn’t ask, instead, she threw on her largest, chunkiest knit sweater and hopped into the pool.

She added a caption that most of us can get behind: “When you just can’t let go of summer.” Because really who wants to say goodbye to sunny days where you can take the kids to the park instead of trying to entertain them on a cold or rainy day?

13 Spice Up Your Life

If I said “90s pop icon who became a famously successful designer” and your first thought wasn’t Victoria Beckham, I would be shocked.

The designer recognizes that her move from Posh Spice to serious fashion designer wasn’t easy for a lot of people to swallow. “I knew people had preconceptions,” she told Elle Magazine. “I was in a pop group and was married to a footballer – and no one was more aware of that than me.” Thankfully the industry welcomed her with open arms. “Nobody was mean. I was probably quite naive at first. Now, I think, 'God, that took some balls!', but at the time I really didn't see it that way.”

Beckham is the epitome of style, poise and grace and she fashion sense is a clear reflection of that. When you see her posing with a leg up on a table, wearing high heels, it seems pretty normal.

For the rest of us “normal” moms, it might seem more like something you might do before guests arrive for a dinner party when you notice a stray cobweb above the table.

For Barber, it’s just another day at the creative office. And while her table doesn’t look to be the deep mahogany wood that Beckham stands on, she still looks pretty amazing in her red dress.

12 Beyoncé’s Arm Candy

Picture this: a gold sequins dress, a half-up ponytail that most women would kill for, stunning heels and a gorgeous man, for good measure. All of this draped across an elegant couch with orchids in the background.

Now picture this: a silver lamé bodysuit, a half-up hairdo reminiscent of your rolled-out-of-bed look and a man who may or may not be gorgeous (his face is covered so who knows!).

One scenario is how we find the queen herself, Beyoncé, and her husband, Jay Z, casually lounging on a couch. The other is Barber’s interpretation of Beyoncé’s picture.

I’m not 100% sure if either of these is realistic for most moms. The reality would more likely involve a few stray toys and at least one stray child climbing in on the action.

Not that Beyoncé would mind if Blu Ivy or the twins crashed her moment with Jay. “Out of everything I’ve accomplished, my proudest moment, hands-down, was when I gave birth to my daughter Blue,” she told Garage magazine in March 2016. This coming from a woman who has won a staggering 20 Grammy Awards!

11 Overalls Or Bump-eralls?

“Some people were pregnant in this photo, others can't afford matching underwear.”

It takes a special kind of bravery to recreate a photo of someone who is pregnant while you are not. And Barber possesses that kind of bravery. In a side-by-side shot with the lovely Ciara who is approximately four months pregnant, Barber bares her not-pregnant belly in matching overalls and non-matching underwear.

For Barber, it’s all about being confident and doing it for the laughs.

"I don't really care because the worse I look the funnier, and that's what I want. I want people to laugh. I've never really gotten where I am off of how I look. And I really like that, I am really excited by that. So no, I don't care about what I look like in the posts,” she told Huffington Post. “I've always been the one who will wear a bikini, and I don't care if you think I should or not. I'd rather people listen to the funny joke I have to say, not about how I look. It's about what I have to say."

And she’s happy that her confidence and humour is making an impact on the lives of so many others. "It feels great because I get so many people -- mums of young girls or even young teenage girls -- emailing me telling me that I've changed the way they look at themselves. And I'm like 'Oh wow! That's amazing. I thought I looked like an idiot in that post, but that's so great!'"

10 Parenting: It’s A Laugh!

If your days as a parent are punctuated with a stunning six-pack, insanely well-behaved kids, a gaggle of happy puppies and a lush green backdrop, I’m insanely jealous and you very well might be Jennifer Lopez. It seems picture perfect, but it isn’t easy according to Lopez.

“[Kids] do something to you where you want to do everything right for them,” she said in an interview with Vogue. “And obviously no parent does everything right. It’s this weird thing that happens where you are striving to be as good as you can be so that they turn out well. And that requires that you be a really great, evolved, aware person in every moment. Which is pretty awesome. But it’s also putting tremendous pressure on yourself—which is why women feel so guilty!”

Barber’s backyard shenanigans seem way more realistic to me. The kids are all over the place and one is even threatening the camera with a hose.

There are toys strew about the yard and Barber herself looks a bit more dishevelled… with the obligatory bottle of “mommy juice” in hand of course! Her caption to this photo is on-point too: “Oh parenting, it's such a laugh.”

9 Cooking Never Looked So Good

When you become a mother, one thing is for sure, cooking becomes a part of daily life. And if ever there was a celebrity mom who loves to cook, it’s got to be Chrissy Teigen. With two cookbooks under her belt, it’s no wonder the model is always posting pics of her latest culinary creations.

She cooks dinner every night she’s home and enjoys mixing the flavours of her Thai heritage with the American comfort foods she grew up on. After a particularly expensive dinner out, Teigen started cooking to save money on dates with her now-husband John Legend.

“I couldn’t afford to take him out to more dinners like that, so I started cooking more and more at home for us. I started with my own version of that salmon spread, then roasted the whole branzino, osso buco, chipotle BBQ chicken," she told Self.

So it’s no surprise that when Celeste Barber recreated a Teigen look, it was in front of a stove, with a drink in hand of course!

“Motherhood- drink, cook, drink, eat, drink, cry, drink, repeat,” Barber captioned the post on Instagram. I’m sure more than a few moms out there can relate!

8 Relaxation The JLo Way

Have you ever had your kid give you a massage? Maybe your little one likes to play with your hair every now and again. For most of us, this isn’t something we enjoy so much as it is something we tolerate because we love them.

If you’re Jennifer Lopez, you may have a different opinion on a relaxing head massage from one of your kids. On the Today Show, Lopez shared a little about how her twins have changed her life. "They just made my life better, number one. I think they just change your perspective on the whole entire world, you know, and how you look at life. That was a big epiphany for me," she said. "Having children.... They just made everything better. They helped me grow as a human being."

But a massage? In my mind, sitting alone in a silent room with a trained professional makes a massage better. Not so for JLo, as she relaxes before a big show with the help of a head massage from her son, Max.

I’m more aligned to Barber’s rendition of this photo, where her son lies on top of her and pokes her in the eye, all while she is trying to get the laundry done for the day.

7 Picture Not-So-Perfect Parenting

When you’re a Kardashian, there isn’t much you do without looking incredibly glamorous. But is it reality? For the most part, no, it probably isn’t reality… at least not the reality that the majority of us live in every day.

Even with something as simple as giving her daughter, North, an adorable kiss, Kim Kardashian West looks like a model ready to walk the runway. Kardashian West told W Magazine that she won’t leave the house without adding at least a little warmth to her skin. “I use my contour sticks and blend it to give my face warmth and when I don’t have time for a full face of foundation.”

For the rest of us, getting a nice picture with a smiling baby is nothing more than a dream. Between temper tantrums, dirty diapers and endless cleaning, there’s barely any time to get enough makeup on our faces to make us “camera ready”.

Enter Barber, to show us what a selfie with our kids is really going to look like. No makeup? Check! Sleep residue still in your mostly closed eyes? Check! Diapered baby bum planted right on your face? Check and check! Here’s hoping there wasn’t a diaper blowout during this lovely family photo-op.

6 Chris Hemsworth’s Workout Buddy

They say the couple that plays together, stays together. But what about the couple the sweats together? According to Barber, they get the joy of stinking together!

Thankfully, Barber has come prepared with her #hothusband and the hot Australian sun so the pair can get their sweat on, much like the extremely buff Chris Hemsworth and his model wife Elsa Pataky.

And while Barber and her husband look pretty run down from their workout, Hemsworth and Pataky look as fresh as daisies.

You might think it would be hard to keep up with Thor and his workout regime but that might not be the case. While Hemsworth may be a Norse god (in the movies at least), Pataky is a force to be reckoned with in the gym.

“Yeah, she has a greater cardio skill set, endurance than I’ll ever have, and it’s a little embarrassing at times,” Hemsworth said to Men’s Health Magazine. “We have the same trainer, a mate of mine from school that we grew up with, and he very often says, ‘You know what, your wife is much fitter than you are,’ so I’m well aware of it.”

5 Cindy Crawford Takes Flight

Mom of two and former supermodel, Cindy Crawford, knows a thing or two about the workload that faces moms. "I believe that at least 70 percent of parenting goes to the mother. In our house, I'm the one who knows about all the school stuff, helps with the homework, organizes the play dates, and remembers the birthday parties,” Cindy Crawford told Parents Magazine. “As we speak, I'm baking cupcakes for my son's class."

So when she has a chance to take a moment to get away, she knows the importance of taking the opportunity. "It's important for moms to have alone time. However, that's the first thing that goes on a busy day... I try to steal other moments. Sometimes I get up very early in the morning and enjoy a quiet house and cup of tea before the craziness begins. Other times, I'll take a quick walk on the beach. You can find peace in a few minutes."

So when she has the time to head to the beach (even if it is for a photoshoot), she takes that time with gusto. And Barber couldn’t agree more. Both moms rock their bikinis on the beach and rely on their strong partners for a little fun in the sun.

4 Life’s Most Precious Gifts

When Beyoncé shared the first photo of her twins, Sir and Rumi Carter, the world took notice. It was liked 10.3 million times on Instagram and racked up thousands of comments. And that included Barber.

While Barber has a long list of photos she’d like to recreate, she also loves to be topical. “I have in my phone a folder of photos I want to do. But that folder just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. So I don’t do most of them,” she told Mamamia Australia. “If something comes up that’s very ‘of the now’, I have to try jump on it. So like, Beyonce holding her babies, or the pregnancy announcement.”

For this particular, picture she knew she couldn’t wait. “When I saw that Beyonce one, for example, I thought, ‘Hold close what’s important… Bread and wine.'”

And so she did. While Barber doesn’t have quite as an elaborate floral backdrop or outfit, she does nail the ethereal tone of the whole photo. And yes, she holds her wine and bread close to her heart with just as much love in her eyes as Beyoncé has for her beautiful twins.

3 Catching Some Waves With Gisele Bündchen

The first time I ever tried surfing, I had visions of Blue Crush dancing in my head. I popped on a bikini and put on the cute rash guard I bought specifically for this purpose and headed to my lesson. Before we even made it to the water, I was a sweaty mess, covered in sand and a bit pink from the sun.

I definitely relate more Barber in this side-by-side of the comedian and supermodel Gisele Bündchen is what I dreamed I would look like, what I thought I looked like before seeing the pictures!

Keep in mind that Bündchen lists surfing as one of her favourite sports. She and husband Tom Brady have been surfing together in Costa Rica for years. So it makes sense that she looks like a drop-dead babe on a board (oh and the supermodel thing probably helps!).

Barber, though, is every single one of us. Comfy swimsuit, sunhat for protection, crowded beach and our kid's boogie board just hoping we don’t take too much of a dive on the teeny tiny wave we manage to snag.

Either way, both moms are rocking the waves in their own unique way.

2 Haute Couture In The Bathroom

We turn, once again to Kim Kardashian, queen of the out there fashion choices. Funnily enough, Kardashian has said that since becoming a mother, her sense of style has been toned down quite a bit.

"My style now has been very low-key," Kardashian West said in an interview with INSIDER. She also added that she is "so busy running around being a mom" that she often opts for clothes that are "easy to put on." Hmmmm. Well, if that’s the case, Barber has done a really good job finding the most interesting outfits that Kim K has ever worn.

What is really impressive isn’t just her fashion sense but also her talent for finding locations to shoot. Her ability to mix haute couture with some seriously strange locations is something to be admired and even copied if you are Barber.

The only thing better than the original photo of Kardashian or Barber’s parody is the caption that Barber created to go along with her side-by-side comparison.

“Kim- Mom can you take a photo of me in the men's toilets?

Kris- Of course!

Kim- Make sure you get the urinal in, It makes me seem humble.

Kris-You really are a genius, Kim.”

1 Lenny Kravitz’ Blanket Scarf

While Lenny Kravitz isn’t a celebrity mom, he is a celebrity dad. And when Barber chose to recreate one of his iconic style moments, we couldn’t leave him off the list.

The moment that Lenny Kravitz walked out of his home wearing what can only be described as the biggest blanket scarf ever seen will forever be remembered in fashion and pop culture history. The image became a meme and pops up every year as the winter creeps in.

Kravitz himself address what has been called his biggest fashion mistake in GQ.

“That thing will not go away! What’s funny is that they’ll blow it up and make the scarf even bigger than it was. It’s so funny. That thing just keeps on popping up,” he said.

“But yeah, that was a cold-ass day. I’m in 70-degree weather now. So it’s all good. I am not wearing that scarf.”

And while we may never be graced by the presence of Kravitz’ scarf again, Barber has got us covered, literally. Posing in sassy red dress, mint heels and an entire comforter for warmth, Barber slays. “Hey New York is still freezing outside but at least the sun is shining,” Barber captioned the image. “Lenny Kravitz and I have got your street style covered. BLANKETS AS SCARVES!”

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