Hilarious Viral Photo Shows Mom Expecting A Baby Girl Shocked To Find She Delivered A Boy

Mother of two daughters was expecting a third daughter until she gave birth and was surprised with a little boy!


Nancy Ray and her husband, Will Ray, became pregnant with their third little baby. They have two amazing girls who they love more than anything. During the ultrasound of their third child, they learned that they would be having a third little girl. They were very excited to have three little girls. However, they were in for a big surprised.

When Nancy gave birth to her third little girl she found out that she actually had a little baby boy! The couple had hired a photographer to capture their birth and the photographer was able to get the perfect picture of them figuring out that they were going to be having a little boy! The couple was in complete shock. One of the pictures was of Ray re-checking his son to make sure that he was indeed a boy! He was in denial and shock and it was hard for him to believe.

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After her photos began going viral Nancy decided to share with people about the details of her pregnancy. With her two daughters, they decided to wait until they were born to figure out the sex. Both of the girls were both surprises, but they had no idea what to expect when they were coming out. Since they had two girls already Will was very persistent and adamant about knowing the gender of their third child. He wanted to mentally prepare himself for three daughters. On June 9, they figured out that they were going to be having a girl.


When the baby was born she was getting into the bath when the baby just started coming out. She went to grab her baby and they were about to cut the cord when she looked at her baby and said, "what is that? Is that a boy baby?" She said her husband quickly checked and practically fell on the floor when he figured out that it was a boy! They would have happily loved on a baby girl but were in complete shock about having a boy. Their son is now four months old and Nancy says that having a boy baby has given her "all the feels."


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