Hilary Duff Asks For Tips To Soothe Her Baby's Colic

Hilary Duff's new baby has been dealing with colic and her mama is completely exhausted. She is desperately asking other parents, "This ends right?"

Most moms are so excited to be able to meet their new little baby and then get to give them lots of love. Babies truly are a gift, however, babies are tough. They require a lot of patience, love and often times, endurance. Many babies deal with what people call "colic." Colic doesn't have an exact cause, it is just described as a baby crying for hours upon hours without being able to stop, no matter what is done to help. Parents who have children with colic try to soothe their child with baths, essential oils, Amber necklaces, probiotics, medicine, and food. Often, when babies have colic there isn't much that a parent can do except "wait it out."

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Hilary Duff is right in the middle of a colicky baby and she is desperate to know that this phase in her two-month-old daughter's life has an end. She is pleading with her fans about any tips that they might have or magic tricks to get her baby to stop crying! Duff is suffering from her daughter's non-stop crying and she has no idea how to make it stop.

Colic is so difficult because there is no known cause. According to Mayo Clinic, colic is defined as "crying for three or more hours a day, three or more days a week, for three or more weeks." When a child is crying for 3 or more hours multiple times a week it can lead to many stresses in the family. This amount of crying can lead to severe post-partum depression, and sadly, in some cases, injury to the child.

There really is no "magic trick" to get children to stop crying when they have colic. The most important thing for parents to remember is that it really does end and you have to wait it out. Most babies will outgrow their colic for around 6 months. If you are dealing with a baby that is constantly crying then make sure that you are taking the baby to the doctors. They might have an issue that can be fixed such as acid reflux. You want to make sure that there isn't a bigger problem. Another piece of advice is to always ask for help if you feel like you are going to do something really rash. There is never any shame in seeking support. Hilary, we are so sorry that you are dealing with a crying baby. Most of us have been there and it's a long six months, but it DOES end and it DOES get better!

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